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This article contains info on upcoming content.
This information was obtained from teasers or unreleased demos and is not representative of the final product. This article will need to be checked for quality and updated once the content is released.
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Issues: As this is information relating to unreleased content, there may be more information planned to be released by the developers in the following months.

The following information/confirmations of The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, an upcoming DLC set to be released in 2019, has been collected:

August[edit | edit source]

August 30th (Reveal)[edit | edit source]

A "title reveal" for a new expansion was released by Nicalis on Youtube.

The trailer revealed the title of the expansion and its logo - strikingly similar to that of The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, a fan-made expansion of the game that received critical acclaim from the community but despite popular demand seemed to have little chance of being brought to the official game. Additionally, it was announced on Twitter that Repentance would be available for play at the PAX West 2018 Convention.

August 31st[edit | edit source]

The demo version of Repentance playable at PAX confirmed suspicions that the expansion would indeed be a port of Antibirth. Original content from the mod that led to this conclusion as well as brand new content in Repentance that were discovered in the demo included:

September[edit | edit source]

September 1st[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen officially discloses details of the Repentance expansion pack on Twitter.

  • The Repentance DLC is officially announced to include the Antibirth mod alongside a ton of other new content - Edmund affirms it is "the FINAL (for real this time) DLC for isaac".
  • Edmund will be working with the full team of Antibirth developers (Public Entertainment Networked Interactive Software - also known as P.E.N.I.S), Kilburn, LeatherIceCream, and NotYourSagittarius, on the Repentance DLC, which will also be published by Nicalis.
  • Repentance, as a substantial addition to the game, will cost money.
  • Repentance has no set release date yet - however, remaining Booster Packs are being worked on and expected to release within the next 2 months on console.
  • Repentance will feature a new cutscene(s) & lore in the Isaac story.
  • Repentance's soundtrack will be fully composed by original Isaac: Rebirth music composer Ridiculon (in name of cohesiveness) and not Antibirth soundtrack composer Mudeth, contrary to expectation of a full port of the mod's content - Mudeth adds that he will finish working on his own soundtrack nevertheless, but that it will have to be modded in instead.

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag of a gif showing off a new item.

September 3rd[edit | edit source]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif.

This gif shows Apollyon in Downpour with Curse of Darkness active. Some noticeable changes include:

  • The return of the Antibirth item Lodestone.
  • A new version of the item tracker, with smaller item icons compared to the original Afterbirth version.

September 4th[edit | edit source]

Video footage of _Kilburn playing the Repentance demo on the last day of PAX West was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by a member of the community, although it ended up being taken down by that user on June 23rd, 2019, for unknown reasons, since _Kilburn claimed that he has nothing to do with the user deleting all of their videos. However, the video was quickly discovered on another website then reuploaded to Youtube on the same day by another user.

  • A mechanic of the Dross floor is demonstrated - there are rooms with rushing water that will actively affect Isaac's movement
  • New item revealed:
    • Plum Flute
  • New enemies:
    • Previously described green variant of an Attack Fly that moves in a single file along with other green flies.
    • Variant of Mulligan that chases the player and periodically spits out poison gas.
    • A round Dip variant in Dross that does short rolls randomly around the room, spawned by Dross Squirts upon death and Clog.
    • A humanoid enemy in Dross that floats and chases Isaac. Surrounded by Attack Flies.
    • Video footage of Clog's attacks and tactics in his battle.
  • As well as more recurring enemies from Antibirth:

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif of Lilith fighting Plum, a boss from the Antibirth mod.

September 6th[edit | edit source]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif.

This gif shows Cain in Downpour firing a total of 2 large tears in a shape of fists. This gif reveals:

September 10th[edit | edit source]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag, this time showing a clear gif of Clog on the boss title screen.

September 19th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted a couple of status report tweets where he announced Antibirth content and the new paths are being currently ported and polished, and that new content for the DLC is planned once that task is complete.

September 20th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen made a tweet response, confirming that online co-op won't be added to the game.

October[edit | edit source]

October 8th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen made a tweet about the status of Repentance and his other projects.

October 9th[edit | edit source]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted another tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif.

This gif appears to show Eve in Dross, attacking some of the new enemies.

  • This reveals the attacks of the floating enemy that has Attack Flies surrounding it. It appears to cough up small gas and will release a large cloud of poison to push the Attack Flies far away, similar to The Duke Of Flies, although the Attack Flies appear to return to floating around it.
  • The gameplay also reveals the Antibirth version of HUD
  • A new rune that can be seen dropping next to Eve at the end of the video.
  • Eve appears to have a new hair sprite for her Whore of Babylon state.
  • Possibly a new sprite forClicker ClickerClicker Icon.png6 roomsTransforms Isaac into another random character..
  • Finally, the tears fired by Eve appear to be shaped as a round circle instead of a pixel polygon.

November[edit | edit source]

November 8th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted another status report tweet.

November 15th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted a status report tweet talking about the expected release date of Repentance, "the first half of next year".

January[edit | edit source]

January 11th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posts an image on twitter that is quickly deleted.

Repentance Edmund Tweet Deleted Boss.png

January 21st[edit | edit source]

In a Twitter Q&A, Edmund McMillen confirmed that The Witness will be in the game, although it'll probably have a name change. Two returning characters from the Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, Bethany and Jacob & Esau, are most likely being added in to the game. Addtionally, Edmund confirmed that true local co-op could be added in as well. Finally, Edmund clarifies while that a couple of redundant items got cut most of the changes to items are just edits.

February[edit | edit source]

February 13th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen confirmed in another AMA that cut content from Antibirth would not be included in Repentance, but that unfinished content may still be finished and included.

February 18th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet once again reconfirming that the DLC would be delayed, while also including a grayscale picture of what appears to be Isaac fighting a new monster in the Basement.

Repentance Edmund Tweet Grayscale Boss.png

  • Interestingly, this monster had been teased in a tweet Edmund had posted back in January that he quickly deleted soon after posting.

February 26th[edit | edit source]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#Isaacrepentancedev" hashtag, showing a new gif.

This appears to show Magdalene in the Mines floor from Antibirth. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

February 27th[edit | edit source]

Kilburn posted a screenshot on twitter.

Repentance Kilburn Tweet Item Shadows.png

Though in the format of a meme, this screenshot showcases shadows on item pedestals, a returning feature from Flash.

March[edit | edit source]

March 4[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen responds to a tweet in an AMA about rebalancing in Greedier Mode.

March 16th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen responds to a tweet saying that Repentance will be present at PAX, later clarifying in another tweet that he means the PAX that will be held in August.

March 20th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen tweets that the team is aiming to release Repentance sometime this year, with more teases to be released after Bumbo. He also states in another tweet that Jacob's Ladder from Antibirth will be renamed in order to avoid naming conflicts with the already existingJacob's Ladder Jacob's LadderJacob's Ladder Icon.pngTears fire sparks of electricity in random directions upon hitting an obstacle or enemy..

April[edit | edit source]

April 13th[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This shows Isaac in Scarred Womb. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • Isaac is carrying Mom's Bracelet, an item originating from Antibirth.
  • The tear sprite for Lost Contact Lost ContactLost Contact Icon.pngEvery tear has a small shield which will allow it to block one enemy projectile. appears to be rounder. Meaning the tears are now round circles instead of being pixel polygons as stated before.
  • Champion monsters appear to be recolored in a different manner, similar to Antibirth's champion colorings.
  • The ground sprites for Freds, Para-Bites, and Scarred Para-Bites dynamically change their color to match the floor.
    • This can be seen when one of them pops out of the ground over blood - the color changes to red.
  • The Para-Bites themselves flash when taking damage, not the ground surrounding it.

May[edit | edit source]

May 9[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted a status update tweet about Bum-Bo and Repentance's expected release times, and about other games he is developing. This twitter post states that Repentance is expected to be released late Q4 of 2019.

May 27[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This shows Isaac in Flooded Caves in a fight with Big Horn. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • Big Horn's ingame appearance appears to have been completely redesigned.
  • Pits are now properly layered under the water effect instead of on top of it.
  • Big Horn's hands splash the water when they slam down.
  • Big Horn's shadow balls have their own sprites instead of being Little Horns orbs but resized.
  • The colors of the Flooded Caves have been changed, and the water now has a reflection effect similar to Downpour.
  • Isaac is carrying Sulfur, an item originating from Antibirth.
  • The Troll Bombs and Mega Troll Bombs appear to have a new lit fuse animation that originated from Antibirth as well.
  • Marked MarkedMarked Icon.pngIsaac will now fire tears automatically directed at a red target on the ground which is controlled by the player. This allows for a full 360 degree tear firing radius. Can be overridden by other tear modifiers such as Mom's Knife or Brimstone. appears to be able to synergize with Brimstone BrimstoneBrimstone Rebirth Icon.pngTears are replaced by a laser beam that pierces through all enemies and obstacles in its path and deals high damage. Can only be fired after a short charge-up period. and familiars such as Brother Bobby Brother BobbyBrother Bobby Rebirth Icon.pngFollows Isaac around shooting normal tears.. Marked also has a visible line showing the path tears will take.
  • Tear Delay can now have decimal values.

June[edit | edit source]

June 14[edit | edit source]

Edmund McMillen had a twitter Q&A where he revealed that Edith, the unused Antibirth character, would not be in Repentance [1]. Other details revealed include possible respriting for bosses [2], changes to bosses and enemies [3], and that Antibirth characters will most likely have gameplay changes [4].

July[edit | edit source]

July 3[edit | edit source]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This appears to show Isaac in Dank Depths. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • A new Buttlicker variant.
  • Isaac is carrying Devil's Crown, a trinket originating from Antibirth. Interestingly, it is also in the item hud. This seems to imply that trinkets, including those that have been gulped or smelted can now also appear in this hud.
  • Isaac has Freezer Baby, a familiar originating from Antibirth.
  • There is an unknown item in the item hud that appears to be a ring or a dreamcatcher.
  • The indicator for the angel / devil deal is apparently summarized. This could be a unique visual synergy withDuality DualityDuality Icon.pngWhenever a Devil or Angel Room would spawn after defeating a boss, both rooms spawn. Only one can be entered..
  • The Dank Depths floor appears to have a more detailed backdrop with tar colors.
  • The Book of Belial The Book of BelialThe Book of Belial Icon.png3 roomsUpon use increases damage by 2 for the current room and by a further +50% if the character also has the Blood of the Martyr.
    Removed in Afterbirth Guarantees a Devil Room or Angel Room will be open after beating a boss while holding it, or Added in Afterbirth increases the chance by 12.5%.
    has a new animation when being used.
  • Lasers have a new animation and become bigger with a higher damage stat; in a similar manner to the original Flash game.

Edmund McMillen also had a twitter Q&A where he revealed that some Four Souls enemies may get added [5]. He also revealed that Delirium and The Void will likely recieve some minor tweaks [6]. The Red Key from Antibirth may be added to Repentance [7].

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