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The Void

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The Void.png

The Void is a chapter added in the Afterbirth+ expansion. It is unlocked by defeating Hush.

Each room in this chapter takes the form of a different chapter, ranging from The Basement to The Chest and Dark Room, including variant chapters like The Cellar and Burning Basement. The Void is extremely large compared to other floors, and it is the only floor in the game to contain multiple boss rooms. One of them contains a random final boss, another contains Delirium, and the others contain random bosses from other floors.

Access[edit | edit source]

The Void is unlocked by defeating Hush. After defeating Hush at least once, a new exit will appear in the upper right hand corner of the 2x2 boss room in which Hush was fought. The new room contains nothing except for a Portal. It does not spawn enemies and serves as the entrance to The Void (the animation shows it trying to suck Isaac in but it's only visual).

After unlocking The Void, the portal can then appear after every major boss starting with Mom, even if Hush was not defeated in that run.

The deeper the boss, the higher the spawning chance:

  • 5% after Mom (Only if Isaac has 10+ tear damage or 20+ items)
  • 10% after Mom's Heart/It Lives
  • 15% after Isaac or Satan
  • 20% after ??? or The Lamb
  • 50% after Mega Satan (If the portal appears, the run will not end instantly like it normally does)
  • Defeating Hush will still guarantee entrance to The Void.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The portal can appear multiple times during a single run.
    • The chance for at least one portal to open after fighting It Lives, Isaac/Satan, and ???/Lamb is 38.8%.[1]
    • If you also defeat Mega Satan the chance for at least one portal increases to 69.4%.
  • Although the Portal leading to The Void may not appear after defeating Hush for the first time, leaving and re-entering Hush's room will make it appear.
  • After beating Mega Satan, there is a 50% chance the Void portal will appear with a chest instead of ending the run. Jumping into the chest will end the run normally.
  • The portal may appear after defeating ??? (Boss) or The Lamb but not after Mega Satan on the same floor.
  • If the portal spawns below your position after defeating a boss, you will immediately enter The Void.
  • Jumping into a trapdoor will reset The Void, an effect identical to Forget Me Now. This is useful if you've explored everything but need to clear more rooms to acquire health items before the final fight. The trapdoors must be found under rocks, as We Need to Go Deeper! and the Ehwaz Rune does not work.
  • Similarly, going to an I AM ERROR Room in The Void allows Isaac to reset the floor, so teleport items like Undefined can let Isaac repeat The Void multiple times.

Boss[edit | edit source]

Boss Delirium.png

This floor contains multiple boss rooms, only one of which will contain Delirium. The other boss rooms contain previous bosses, including "final" bosses such as ???, The Lamb, or Mom, but not Mega Satan or Hush. Items dropped in The Void can drop from any item pool.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Since The Void has multiple boss rooms, using the The Emperor card will teleport Isaac to one of them randomly. This could also crash the game as well, so it's not recommended.
  • Using the debug console to teleport to the boss room will not work, as the game doesn't know which room to send you to, so it will simply not do anything.
  • Even though it is indicated as a 1x1 room on the map, Delirium's room is a 2x2 room and is generated on the map as a 2x2 boss room. As such, the 2x2 room that contains Delirium can only be adjacent to a single non-boss room on The Void. Thus, if Isaac sees a boss room and if every 2x2 room that could be placed on top of the 1x1 boss room icon on the map would have more than 1 connection with non-boss rooms on the map, this boss room cannot be Delirium's room. It is also helpful to remember that the boundaries of the map are at a maximum of 13x13 squares - if a 2x2 boss room in a given location would extend past those boundaries, that room also cannot be Delirium's room.
    • This generation rule allows Isaac to either safely enter certain boss rooms in order to gather items before fighting Delirium, or to not enter these boss rooms knowing that Delirium is not there.
  • Defeating a final boss in The Void that is not Delirium will not give you a Completion Mark of that boss and will not unlock the respective item.

Music[edit | edit source]

The music that plays in The Void is titled Terminus.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is implied that the different forms (floors from Chapters 1 to 6) of this floor are just Isaac's hallucinations, as the Void's icon on the progress bar (after advancing to the next floor) is a red vortex, and the "floor" graphic (below the player character and bosses in "VS" screens) is red as well.
  • On Isaac's last will, The Void is referred to as "some dying memory".
  • Occasionally, there will be a static distortion and the background and objects of the room may change to those of other chapters.
  • Mom's Heart can still spawn as a boss, even if it is replaced with It Lives on a normal playthrough.
  • In Afterbirth+, The Void is the only floor that can be cleared indefinitely with Undefined.
  • The chances of champion enemies spawning in The Void is much higher than in any other floor, and they will never drop any of their assigned drops.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]


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The Cellar The Catacombs Necropolis Utero ??? The Void
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Burning Basement Flooded Caves Dank Depths Scarred Womb
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