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Samson Feels Healthy! Samson Feels Healthy!

Ultra Hard Defeat ??? or The Lamb. Possession of The Polaroid The Polaroid/The Negative The Negative is required, barring getting to Dark Room Dark Room through a Sacrifice Room.
Added in Afterbirth †

Ultra Hard is Challenge #34. Isaac begins with both halves of the key for the Mega Satan battle and has to beat Mega Satan through the Dark Room.

Difficulty[edit | edit source]

This challenge, like the name suggests, is extremely difficult:

  • All enemies with champion forms, including bosses, will be champions.
    • Champions will not drop any collectibles.
  • The player suffers from the following curses each floor: Curse of the Labyrinth, Curse of the Lost, Curse of the Maze and Curse of the Blind.
    • These curses cannot be stopped through the usual methods of removing curses, such as the Dagaz Dagaz.
    • In addition to the four curses, the player may additionally suffer from either Curse of the Unknown or Curse of Darkness, which can be removed through usual means.
  • There are no hearts to be found in this run - red, soul, black, or eternal hearts.
    • Hearts can still be obtained through passive items that grant them upon collection, such as Super Bandage Super Bandage or Latch Key Latch Key.
    • Items and cards that normally drop hearts such as V - The Hierophant V - The Hierophant tarot card will not drop any hearts. Using an Ace of Hearts Ace of Hearts card will consume all pickups in the room, and not drop any hearts.
    • However, items that add hearts directly to the player's count (such as Balls of Steel or the Satanic Bible Satanic Bible) will work.
  • Every boss fight that can be, will be double trouble.
    • Since the Basement can't have double trouble bosses, these don't start until the Caves.
  • Only The Negative The Negative drops after killing Mom.
    • This forces the player to progress through Sheol and the Dark Room to fight Mega Satan.
      • Even though the option to proceed upward through the Cathedral is presented, the run will end after defeating Isaac and touching the chest will not give the player credit for completing the challenge.
        • The player can also beat the challenge by defeating Delirium.
          • Some players report no victory trophy spawning after defeating Delirium, under unknown conditions. It may not be safe to attempt this route.
    • Because the player cannot progress through The Chest, they are unable to take advantage of the 4 items at the start of the Chest floor.
  • If the player manages to defeat Hush, the entrances to the Cathedral, Sheol, and The Void appear.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

  • Attempt to find a good starting combination from the item rooms in the Basement XL. Aside from getting something powerful like Mom's Knife Mom's Knife, getting something that grants HP regeneration is strongly recommended too, such as Pyromaniac Pyromaniac, Leech Leech, Charm of the Vampire Charm of the Vampire, or Placenta Placenta (can be found in the Basement or Caves from bosses).
  • The D10 D10 can also be surprisingly helpful, as, most of the time, it will reroll enemies into non-champions, and never spawn new portals.
  • Glowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass can also be an excellent item for this challenge, allowing you to retry difficult rooms, avoid potentially game ruining items as well as peek at pills without the risk of a harmful effect.
  • While the Challenge can likely be completed with accepting Devil Deals, it would be a better idea to attempt to choose Angel Rooms instead, since items that can make or break the player's victory could be found without sacrificing valuable heart containers. However, it should be noted that the Satanic Bible Satanic Bible and The Nail The Nail are extremely good items for the run, and they may happen to be the two heart deal in the Devil Room. Libraries also contain books that can give health, such as the Book of Revelations and the Satanic Bible.
  • Eating unknown pills can be very dangerous, because Hematemesis reduces Isaac to one heart without dropping any hearts. Identifying a Full Health, Balls of Steel or a Bad Trip pill early can be very beneficial, however. Thus, it is recommended to take PHD PHD whenever getting the chance. Ph.D. itself can also heal for 2 Hearts.
  • Curse Rooms, generally, should be avoided because they cannot contain soul hearts.
    • Curse Rooms can generally be entered on the first floor, where the challenge can be restarted if it does not contain a beneficial item.
  • Be aware that Clicker Clicker can remove the Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1 and Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2 passive items given at the start of the run.
  • When playing co-op, having a Colorful Baby on start makes the run extremely easy, as the healing effect has infinite uses.
  • Bedrooms will still heal all the player's hearts, but can only be used once.
  • Rainbow Poop will still heal Isaac to full health.
  • Obtaining Blank Card Blank Card and XIX - The Sun XIX - The Sun, or Placebo Placebo and Full Health/Bad Trip and can make this challenge a lot easier, as it allows Isaac to restore his health every 4 rooms (or for Bad Trip's case, when he is at one red Heart or less). If entering the Mega Satan fight with full health and any of these combinations, Isaac has at least 3 full health bars (4 if he has Starter Deck Starter Deck or Little Baggy Little Baggy) for the final boss fight.
  • The D4 D4 and the D100 D100 can be very helpful since heart containers from health up items will not be removed when used when rerolling collectibles. This allows the player to quickly amass heart containers.

Reward[edit | edit source]

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