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Data mining is fun. I play around with the console and Cheat Engine to dig up details on mechanics, mostly.

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Hi. Can you check and edit the notes on The Whore Of Babylon please? You'll see on The Empress note there's some confusing/conflicting info. I'm not sure what it should be exactly.

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I tried my best to be clear when writing that note -- the bonuses you get from WoB/Empress are mechanically the same, and you get +1.5*N*N damage where N is the number of active WoB effects, what do you find confusing about it?

Also for the future I'd recommend asking general questions in the talk page of the articles in question ("discuss" link in the top left corner) or stopping by the Discord server to ask questions more interactively, I'm not that much of an authority and there're other active people who could probably help too!

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If a mechanic existed from Booster Pack #3 but has since been removed, should I remove the explanation or reference that it did exist for a short time?

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Our policy is to not have pre-BP5 AB+ effects in main page content since every (non-pirated) Afterbirth+ version on any platform is up to BP5 now. Sometimes they're listed in trivia which is fine.

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Sorry to bother you again. I'm guessing the recent update is preventing us from using the Visual editing?

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I took a look and the visual editor appears to be (somewhat) functional but I've also heard of some people having trouble doing edits, it might be user account related, maybe account confirmation or so. Sadly the best I can suggest is check your preferences, see if you can use source editing (for just adding text it's not too complicated) or try to wait it out. Sorry for the inconvenience, these migration problems are mostly in the hands of the Gamepedia/Fandom staff to fix.

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Hi Frionil. Thank you for editing the Pause item. I've asked another user Sirtimmothybrentwood to test something but maybe you can try it instead? What I was trying to get across was something I noticed that may give Pause a unique mechanic. Mom paused in her foot stomp animation at the start of the fight, taking damage from only 2nd level Cube of Meat (contact damage) appears to have died after taking only ~100 HP damage rather than the required 645 HP. Thanks!

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Hi, I did test it and that's why I added a note about the multi-segment boss health bar: each part actually has the same HP, but Pause prevents the other parts' HP from updating, which is why the boss seems to die at around 4/5 health. Same applies for all (most?) multipart ones.

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OK, so is Mom classed as a multi-segment boss because of her protruding hands and such?

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That is correct, each hand and the foot are technically 5 parts of the same boss, each part losing the same HP when one of them is damaged. Pause messes that up and only one part does, but the boss will nevertheless die when one part is reduced to 0.

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