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I test item synergies and interactions mostly.

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Thank you for your help :) I really appreciate it and I am sorry for any problem I've caused writing down stuff!

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You're welcome and if you need any advice feel free to talk to me!

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Oh btw, talking about Clicker and Mom's Coin Purse, I mean: by using Clicker, you consume a passive item, and this means losing something, like a debuff; but since Mom's Coin Purse is useless and has no effect while held, consuming it means no debuff :)

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Oh gotcha. Still seems like an obvious synergy to me so I'd keep it out. If you want I can show you the ropes or you can join our discord if you need editing advice.

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If you don't mind me asking, are seeds different if you use different characters?

Those seeds you erased were working perfectly fine for me, I'm genuinely confused. Or do you have to unlock every single item in the game first before being allowed to add seeds?

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They can be I think. Also please look at this page before you begin editing I personally appreciate the thought behind you joining the wiki and editing, welcome to the Isaac Wiki.

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Well, if different characters spawn different seeds, then just for reference: I used Samson on the brimstone one, and Magdalene on the guppy transformation one.

Thank you for being understanding, I will only start posting seeds again once I unlock 100% of the items in the game.

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For now, I'll have to revert your seeds unfortunately. Thank you for being so understanding and there's plenty of other work to be done if you're interested.

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