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Added in  Afterbirth
Date released
November 13th, 2015
v1.06.0052 ◄ ► v1.06.0060

Undocumented Changes[edit | edit source]

Additions[edit | edit source]

  • Added 5 new Greed Machine unlocks.
  • Added Added in  AfterbirthMega Blast Mega BlastMega Blast Afterbirth Icon.png12 roomsUpon use, Isaac fires a laser similar to the one used by Mega Satan. This laser deals massive damage, lasts for approximately 15 seconds, and persists between rooms. Isaac is pushed backwards by the force of the laser while it is active. item.
  • Added Added in  AfterbirthStore Key Store KeyStore Key Icon.pngAutomatically opens all Shops. trinket.
  • Added pop-up text whenever Isaac activates a new transformation.

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • HP changes:
    • Ultra Greed's blank coin 50 from 100.
    • Ultra Greed's key coin 100 → 60.
    • Ultra Greed's bomb coin 100 → 50.
    • Ultra Greed's heart coin 100 → 40.
  • Increased Azazel's damage and decreased charge time.
  • Head of Krampus Head of KrampusHead of Krampus Icon.png6 roomsFires a cross-patterned brimstone shot, just like The Fallen and Krampus shoot. lasers now have a chance to rotate.
  • Isaac's speed increased in The Guardian and SPEED! challenges.
  • Decreased intensity of the Retro Vision pill effect.
  • Added in  AfterbirthGlowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour GlassGlowing Hour Glass Icon.png2 roomsWhen used, this item will rewind time, put Isaac back in the previous room, and undo anything that happened in the current room. Any health, pickups, or items gained or lost will be reset back to the previous state. now resets the game's timer when used.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

Broken Modem Icon.png Version History Broken Modem Icon.png
Rebirth v0.9, v1.0, v1.01, v1.02, v1.031, v1.032, v1.04, v1.041, v1.05, v1.05 Hotfix
Added in  Afterbirth
v1.06, v1.06 Hotfix, v1.06.0051, v1.06.0052, v1.06.0059, v1.06.0060, v1.06.0067, v1.06.0076, v1.06.0109
Added in Afterbirth †
Afterbirth †
v1.06.0180, v1.06.0181, v1.06.0182, v1.06.0183, v1.06.0185, v1.06.0187, v1.06.0188, v1.06.0190, v1.06.0192, v1.06.0192 (Re-release), v1.06.0193, v1.06.0211
Booster Pack #1 v1.06.J34, v1.06.J39
Booster Pack #2 v1.06.J75, v1.06.J85
Booster Pack #3 v1.06.J99, v1.06.J103, v1.06.J104
Booster Pack #4 v1.06.J113, v1.06.J114, v1.06.J119, v1.06.J127
Booster Pack #5 v1.06.J149, v1.06.J150, v1.06.J168
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