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October 10, 2017
Blog Post

v1.06.J104 ◄► v1.06.J119
Added in Afterbirth †

This was the initial version of Booster Pack #4 for the Afterbirth † DLC expansion. For an overview on content, see Booster Packs.

Documented changes[edit | edit source]

New items[edit | edit source]

  • Death's List Death's ListCollectible Death's List icon.pngGrants a reward if all enemies in a room are killed in the order they are marked. (530), which is based on this Steam Workshop item by Merlo.
  • Haemolacria HaemolacriaCollectible Haemolacria icon.pngTears are now fired in an arc. Upon hitting the floor, an obstacle, or an enemy, they burst into many smaller tears in all directions. Increases tear delay. (531), which is based on this Steam Workshop item by HiHowAreYou.
  • Lachryphagy LachryphagyCollectible Lachryphagy icon.pngIsaac's tears decelerate as they travel. Upon stopping or hitting an obstacle, they burst into 8 tears in all directions. Tears can be fired into other tears to feed them, increasing their damage. (532), which is based on this Steam Workshop item by Echo.
  • Trisagion TrisagionCollectible Trisagion icon.pngTears are replaced with piercing white blasts of light. (533), which is based on this Steam Workshop item by x Wyvern x.
  • Schoolbag SchoolbagCollectible Schoolbag icon.pngAllows Isaac to hold two active items. (534), which is based on the Schoolbag item from Antibirth.

New trinkets[edit | edit source]

  • Extension Cord Extension CordTrinket Extension Cord icon.pngBeams of yellow electricity flow between Isaac and his familiars, damaging any enemies between them. (125), which is based on this Steam Workshop item by Strawrat, which was originally a passive collectible.

Undocumented changes[edit | edit source]

New enemies[edit | edit source]

New graphics[edit | edit source]

  • Broken Modem Broken ModemCollectible Broken Modem icon.pngEnemies, enemy shots, tears, and pickups will briefly freeze in place at random intervals. collectible sprite was changed.
  • Technology Zero Technology ZeroTechnology Zero Icon.pngConnects Isaac's tears with electricity that can damage enemies. collectible and costume sprites were changed.
  • Angry Fly Angry FlyCollectible Angry Fly icon.pngSpawns a fly familiar that orbits around a random enemy and deals 5 damage per tick to enemies it comes in contact with. collectible and familiar sprites were changed.
  • Sprinkler SprinklerSprinkler Icon.png4 roomsUpon use, spawns a sprinkler that rotates and fires tears. collectible and entity sprites were changed.
  • 7 Seals 7 Seals7 Seals icon.pngGrants a random Harbinger familiar that changes every 10 seconds. collectible and familiar sprites were changed. Familiar sprites were based on this Steam Workshop mod by Quartz.
  • Pop! Pop!Collectible Pop! icon.pngReplaces Isaac's tears with eyeballs that can bounce off of each other. The eyeballs are not limited by range, and will instead dissipate when they stop moving or when hitting an enemy or obstacle. collectible sprite was changed.
  • Hairpin HairpinTrinket Hairpin icon.pngFully recharges Isaac's active item upon entering a boss fight. trinket sprite was changed.
  • Butter! Butter!Trinket Butter! icon.pngUsing an active item will drop it onto a pedestal on the ground. Taking damage may result in dropping a passive item. trinket sprite was changed.
  • Door Stop Door StopTrinket Door Stop icon.pngThe last door Isaac went through stays open, allowing him to leave the room even if enemies are in it. trinket sprite was changed.

Room changes[edit | edit source]

Other changes[edit | edit source]

  • Key Pieces will now drop from angels that are not in Angel rooms.
  • The Dead Eye Dead EyeCollectible Dead Eye icon.pngIsaac's damage increases each time an enemy is hit. Damage is reset upon missing a shot. multiplier will no longer be lost when hitting poops or TNT barrels.
  • Blended hearts will now appear on the minimap as soul hearts.

Bug fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed the bug where Rage Creep's brimstone was moved upwards during the Afterbirth release and caused the player to take damage along the top wall in Womb/Utero room #202.
  • Fixed the bug where pickup velocities were not seeded from machines, beggars, tinted rocks, chests, sacks, and bosses.
  • Fixed the bug where the "RERUN" option would not appear if any mods were enabled.
  • Fixed the bug where if you quit and continue in a shop or secret room with a Greed in it, the Greed would despawn and a Super Greed would appear.
  • Fixed the bug where half soul hearts appeared on the minimap as red hearts.
  • Fixed the bug where the number of flies from Guppy's Head Guppy's HeadCollectible Guppy's Head icon.png1 roomsSpawns 2-4 blue flies to damage enemies. was unseeded.
  • Fixed the bug where the champion Scolex was using the wrong graphics (from the black Frail champion).
  • Fixed the bug where the Adult transformation sprite was misaligned.

New bugs[edit | edit source]

  • Taking the Schoolbag SchoolbagCollectible Schoolbag icon.pngAllows Isaac to hold two active items. can lead to graphical glitches that usually manifest as white squares. When this occurs, the game will (eventually) crash.

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