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Void Defeat Delirium as Apollyon
Added in Afterbirth †
Disambig.png This article is about the item. For the chapter, see The Void.

Void is an unlockable activated item added in Afterbirth †. Apollyon starts with this item.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Upon use, destroys all pedestal items in the room.
    • If Void destroys an active item, it gains the ability of that item - whenever Void is used, it will simultaneously use all previous active items that were absorbed.
    • If Void destroys a passive item, the player gains 2 random stat boosts. Possible stat changes include:
    • Void does not work on devil deal, black market, or shop items unless they have been bought first.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is unproductive to use Void in devil deals, black markets, or shops unless you want the active item effects, as passive items will be picked up upon buying them.
  • Using Void to absorb items in Boss Rush or Challenge Rooms counts as taking the items and will cause waves of bosses or enemies to start spawning.
  • Using an item before absorbing it with Void will effectively allow you to use the item twice. This does not apply to one use items such as Diplopia Diplopia
    Diplopia Icon.pngOne time useDuplicates all pickups and item pedestals in the room.
    , Pandora's Box Pandora's Box
    Pandora's Box Icon.pngOne time useUpon use, spawns certain pickups or items depending on the floor it is used on. Single-use.
    , Plan C Plan C
    Plan C Icon.pngOne time useKills all enemies in the room, then kills Isaac three seconds later.
    , etc.
  • If one finds another Void, such as during a Victory Lap where it is left behind in the previous lap, it will have the same active effects stored in it as the other Void.
  • If multiple copies of an active item are absorbed, using Void will activate that effect equally many times.
  • Absorbing items that would normally count towards Transformations upon pickup does not give progress toward transformations.
  • Apollyon will start with this item even before it is unlocked.
  • Stat boosts upon destroying passive items are determined by the seed and are tied to the number of items destroyed, not the items themselves. If the player runs the same seed and chooses to consume different passive items, the same stat boosts will be gained.

Synergies[edit | edit source]

  • Breath of Life Breath of Life
    Breath of Life Icon.png6 secondsGrants a brief moment of invincibility when the charge bar hits zero. If spacebar is held for an additional second after hitting zero, Isaac will take damage.
    : Immediately grants invincibility frames.
  • Car Battery Car Battery
    Car Battery Icon.pngCauses Isaac's activated item to activate twice on each use.
    : Effects of all absorbed activated items are doubled.
  • Crooked Penny Crooked Penny
    Crooked Penny Icon.png4 roomsSpawns a penny and has a 50% chance to double all items and pickups in the room. If the effect fails, the items and pickups disappear.
    : Items will still be absorbed and destroyed, but with a 50% chance Void will also drop a duplicate of them.
  • Delirious Delirious
    Delirious Icon.png12 roomsSpawns a random charmed boss.
    / Mega Blast Mega Blast
    Mega Blast Icon.png12 roomsUpon use, Isaac fires a laser similar to the one used by Mega Satan. This laser deals massive damage, lasts for approximately 15 seconds, and persists between rooms. Isaac is pushed backwards by the force of the laser while it is active.
    : Allows it to be used every 6 rooms instead of 12 and batteries will fully charge the item.
  • More Options More Options
    More Options Icon.pngTwo items spawn in every Treasure Room. Only one can be taken; the other will disappear.
    / There's Options There's Options
    There's Options Icon.pngThere will be 2 items available to choose from after defeating a boss. Choosing 1 item causes the other to disappear.
    : Using Void will cause both Items to be absorbed.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Any single use active item, such as Diplopia Diplopia
    Diplopia Icon.pngOne time useDuplicates all pickups and item pedestals in the room.
    / Forget Me Now Forget Me Now
    Forget Me Now Icon.pngOne time useWhen activated, the level ends and is freshly regenerated with new rooms, monsters, and items. Disappears after use.
    / Pandora's Box Pandora's Box
    Pandora's Box Icon.pngOne time useUpon use, spawns certain pickups or items depending on the floor it is used on. Single-use.
    / Mama Mega! Mama Mega!
    Mama Mega! Icon.pngOne time useDamages all enemies and destroys all obstacles. The effect occurs every time a new room is entered for the rest of the floor. Opens doors to the floor's secret and super secret rooms.
    / Mystery Gift Mystery Gift
    Mystery Gift Icon.pngOne time useUpon use, spawns a random item from the current room's item pool, with a chance to spawn A Lump of Coal or The Poop instead.
    : Single use items are used once upon being destroyed, but their effects are not absorbed and will not activate with subsequent Void uses.
  • The Bible The Bible
    The Bible Icon.png6 roomsUpon activation, Isaac gains flight, allowing him to pass over all obstacles in the current room. Instantly kills Mom, Mom's Heart, and It Lives when activated, but will kill Isaac when activated while fighting Satan.
    : Absorbing it with Void will allow Void to instantly kill Mom and Mom's Heart/It Lives. It will also make Void a suicide item if the Bible was absorbed and then Void is activated during the Satan fight. It will also give Isaac flight.
  • Broken Remote Broken Remote
    Broken Remote Icon.pngTriggers the Teleport effect whenever an activated item is used.
    / Teleport Teleport
    Teleport Icon.png2 roomsTeleports you to a random room on the level.
    / Teleport 2.0 Teleport 2.0
    Teleport 2.0 Icon.png4 roomsWhen used, teleports Isaac to a random room that has not been explored yet. If all rooms are explored, including secret rooms, it will teleport Isaac to the Devil or Angel room. If all rooms are explored, including the Devil or Angel room, it will teleport Isaac to the I AM ERROR room. If used in a room with enemies, it will teleport Isaac out and back into the exact same room.
    / Undefined Undefined
    Undefined Icon.png6 roomsTeleports Isaac to either the Secret Room, Super Secret Room, Treasure Room, or I AM ERROR.
    / Blank Card Blank Card
    Blank Card Icon.png4 roomsHas the same effect as the card or rune currently held by Isaac.
    with a teleport card / Placebo Placebo
    Placebo Icon.png4 roomsWhen used, copies the effect of the pill Isaac is currently holding without consuming it. Does not copy the effects of cards or runes.
    with a telepill: Items will still be consumed when you teleport.
  • Clicker Clicker
    Clicker Icon.png6 roomsTransforms Isaac into another random character.
    : If Void is either Isaac's only item or the item most recently picked up, it will be lost upon absorbing and thus activating the Clicker.
  • The D6 The D6
    The D6 Icon.png6 roomsAllows Isaac to re-roll collectible items in the current room into other items, depending on the current room's Item Pool.
    : Void will re-roll items but subsequently absorb them unless they are Shop or Devil Room items.
  • Glass Cannon Glass Cannon
    Glass Cannon Icon.png4 secondsWhen used, reduces Isaac's health to half a heart (including soul and black hearts) and fires one large piercing spectral tear that does a lot of damage. The damage done by Glass Cannon scales with Isaac's damage (at base damage it does 45 damage).
    : If you fire at all during the room Void is activated, it will trigger the shot and reduce you to half a heart.
  • Glowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass
    Glowing Hour Glass Icon.png2 roomsWhen used, this item will rewind time, put Isaac back in the previous room, and undo anything that happened in the current room. Any health, pickups, or items gained or lost will be reset back to the previous state.
    : Upon using Void, Isaac is sent to the previous room and most changes are reverted, nullifying many other effects that Void may have absorbed. If the Glass is absorbed in a shop, Isaac is sent back to the previous room, but the Glass will be unused in the shop on its pedestal. This allows for an infinite shop donation circle, eliminating the need for a battery to be present in the shop.
  • How to Jump How to Jump
    How to Jump Icon.pngUnlimitedGives Isaac the ability to jump (over gaps, spikes, etc.).
    : Be wary with this combination; without an infinite recharge, it is possible to jump to a spot you have no way of returning from. (This can be fixed by going to the main menu and then resuming the game, however.)
  • The Jar The Jar
    The Jar Icon.pngUnlimitedWhen at full health, up to 4 extra hearts can be stored in the jar.
    : Absorbing it with Void will not allow Isaac to pick up excess hearts.
  • Jar of Flies Jar of Flies
    Jar of Flies Icon.pngUnlimitedEvery time Isaac kills an enemy, a fly will be added to the jar, up to a maximum of 20. Using the Jar of Flies will release all the flies that are currently in the jar as friendly blue flies that will damage enemies.
    : Absorbing it with the Void will not allow the collection and generation of flies.
  • Mom's Box Mom's Box
    Mom's Box Icon.png4 roomsWhen used, Mom's Box will drop a random trinket on the ground. While held, increases luck by 1 (Added in Afterbirth † luck is increased by 2) and doubles the effects of trinkets.
    : Drops a trinket every time the Void is used. The other passive effects of holding the box do not apply on the user.
  • Moving Box Moving Box
    Moving Box Icon.png4 roomsIf the box is empty, picks up all items and pickups in a room and stores them. If the box is not empty, places all stored items and pickups in the current room.
    : Moving Box will not be added to Void; instead, it is converted into stat boosts like a passive item.
  • Remote Detonator Remote Detonator
    Remote Detonator Icon.pngUnlimitedBombs you place explode only when you use this item. Gives 5 bombs.
    : Absorbing it with Void does not cause bombs to remain on the ground until Void is used, but using Void explodes all player-placed bombs as usual.
  • The Pony The Pony
    The Pony Icon.png4 roomsPassively grants flight and increased speed. Upon use, Isaac charges in the direction the pony is facing, becoming invulnerable during the charge and damaging enemies.
    / White Pony White Pony
    White Pony Icon.png6 roomsPassively grants flight and increased speed. Upon use, Isaac charges in the direction the pony is facing, becoming invulnerable during the charge and damaging enemies while also casting the effect of Crack the Sky.
    : Absorbing it with Void will not give a passive ability to fly; however, Isaac will still charge in the first direction chosen.
  • Void Void
    Void Icon.png6 roomsConsumes all pedestal items in the room. Active items will have their effects added to Void, and passive items will grant stat upgrades.
    : Absorbing Void has no effect.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When this item was originally teased, it had a recharge counter of four and converted pickups into Blue Flies; in the release it was nerfed to a recharge counter of six and the effect on pickups was split to an entirely new item altogether.
  • Before the balance patch on 5th January 2017, Void synergized with single-use items and constantly trigger them upon each use of Void; this has since been removed.

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