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Angel Rooms feature an angel and several free items: the divine equivalent of the Devil Room. Every time the Devil room is spawned/entered, there's a chance for it to be replaced by the Angel Room if certain conditions are met. After beating the Dark Room or The Chest once, an Angel can be awoken by planting a bomb near the statue (or destroying it with Leo Leo or similar items). This will begin an angel boss fight and allow Isaac to pick up Key Piece 1 Key Piece 1 or Key Piece 2 Key Piece 2. Both pieces are needed to get through the Golden Door in the Chest or the Dark Room to fight Mega Satan.

Possible ContentsEdit

Possible rewards found in the room include:

Additionally, blue fireplaces, purple fireplaces and   urns might spawn in the room.

If an Angel Room appears upon defeating Mom's Heart or It Lives, it will only contain a beam of light leading to The Cathedral.
  Angel Rooms that appear upon defeating It Lives no longer contain beams of light and instead have normal Angel Room contents.

The item spawned in an Angel Room is always free to be taken. See the following item pools for a comprehensive list of items:

Conditions to Make Angel Rooms AppearEdit

In order for the player to have a chance to get an Angel Room after killing a boss (or with a Joker card / red chest teleport), some conditions must be met:

  • A Devil Room door has spawned on any previous floor.
  • No items from the Devil Room or black market have been paid for with health over the course of the run.
    • Taking red chest items, using   Credit Card, using     Coupon, or collecting an item from Krampus doesn't count.
    • Even though it technically doesn't cost any health, taking a devil deal with The Lost will still prevent Angel Rooms from appearing.

  Sacrifice Room ExceptionEdit

  • On the 3rd and 5th sacrifice in a sacrifice room, there is a 66% chance that the player will receive the "You feel blessed!" effect. This will increase the chances of the Angel Room spawning even if the previous conditions have not been met.
  • On the 6th sacrifice in a sacrifice room, there is a 33% chance that the player will be teleported to the Angel Room if they haven't already visited or opened the Devil Room for that floor. This will occur even if the previous conditions have not been met.

Angel Room Generation ChanceEdit

The selection between Angel Room and Devil Room is made upon opening the door after defeating the floor's boss (or upon teleporting to the room using a   Joker card or a red chest).

The game makes a series of coin flips to determine if an Angel Room will appear or not. If one of these coin flips succeeds, an Angel Room is generated (except for the Devil beggar coin flip). If all the coin flips fail or no coin flips are done, a Devil Room is generated. Satisfying certain conditions gives additional coin flips with varying probabilities:

Condition Chance Bonus
Base chance 50%
Holding   Rosary Bead 50%
Donating 10 coins to the donation machine on the current floor 50%
Holding   Key Piece 1 25%
Holding   Key Piece 2 25%
Killing a Devil beggar, key master, or shell game beggar on the current floor **
  •   Killing key masters and shell game beggars no longer applies the bonus.
Donating to a normal beggar until it pays out with an item on the current floor **
  • Making a key master, bomb beggar, or shell game beggar pay out does not apply the bonus.
Donating to a Devil beggar until it pays out with an item on the current floor **
  •   If this coin flip succeeds, a Devil room will be generated regardless of the above coin flips.
  "You feel blessed!" fortune in the sacrifice room of the current floor
  • If the "You feel blessed!" fortune appeared on the 3rd sacrifice, the chance will be 15%.
  • If the "You feel blessed!" fortune appeared on the 5th sacrifice, the chance will be 50%.
  • If both "You feel blessed!" fortunes appeared, the chance will be 65%.
Holding     Eucharist Guaranteed

** These conditions share the same "coin flip chance" in Rebirth.


If Isaac meets the prerequisites and has   Key Piece 1 with him, the game will make two coin flips to determine if he gets an Angel Room or not. The first coin flip has a 50% success chance and the second one has a 25% success chance. Isaac will only get a Devil Room if both coin flips fail, and he will get an Angel Room if one of the coin flips succeeds. The chance of failure is 0.5 * 0.75 = 0.375, which means the chance of success is 1 - 0.375 = 0.625. Thus, Isaac has a 62.5% chance to get an Angel Room.

If Isaac meets the prerequisites, has   Key Piece 1, and has destroyed a Devil beggar on the current floor, the chance to fail all coin flips (and get a Devil Room) become 0.5 * 0.75 * 0.75 = 0.28125, which means that the chance of success is 1 - 0.28125 = 0.71875. Thus, Isaac has a 71.875% chance to get an Angel Room.


  • The highest Angel Room chance is 95.25% in Rebirth and 98.34% in Afterbirth (with the sacrifice room blessings).
    •     Eucharist guarantees that an Angel Room will spawn on every possible floor.
  • It is possible to be teleported to an Angel Room from a   Joker card or a red chest.
    •   It is also possible to teleport there from the 6th sacrifice of a sacrifice room.
  • If an Angel Room spawns after the player defeats Mom's Heart or It Lives, instead of items or pickups, a beam of light will appear. Touching this beam of light will take the player to the Cathedral. The Angel can still be awoken by destroying the statue in this room. The beam of light will disappear for the duration of the fight.
    •   Angel Rooms that spawn after Isaac defeats It Lives will be normal Angel rooms with items or pickups.
  • The rock behind the Angel can rarely be a tinted rock.
  •   A troll bomb can sometimes appear behind the Angel Statue, blowing it up. If the Angel fights have been unlocked, this will begin the boss fight if the player is not careful or quick enough to move the bomb.
  •   Two angel statues can appear in the same room, allowing Isaac to fight both Uriel and Gabriel. It is possible to get both Key Pieces if Isaac awakes and fights each of them one by one; however, fighting both at once will only spawn one Key Piece corresponding to the last defeated angel.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the   Bible Tract doesn't allow Angel Rooms to appear after paying for a Devil Deal.

Unlockable AchievementsEdit