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'''Butter!''' is a [[trinket]] added in [[Booster Packs|Booster Pack #1]].
'''Butter!''' is a [[trinket]] added in [[Booster Packs|Booster Pack #1]].
{{PlatSwitch}} Butter! is unlocked by completing 2 [[Victory Lap|Victory Laps]] and starting a 3rd.

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Added in Afterbirth †
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Can't hold it!

Butter! is a trinket added in Booster Pack #1.

 Switch  Butter! is unlocked by completing 2 Victory Laps and starting a 3rd.


  • Using an active item will drop it onto a pedestal on the ground.
  • When Isaac takes damage, there is a 2% chance one of Isaac's passive items will drop on the ground.


  • Metronome Metronome : Effect from the Metronome is immediately cancelled beyond the gain of hearts, coins, bombs, or keys. Visual effect may persist until leaving the room.
  • The Book of Belial The Book of Belial : Effect from The Book of Belial is immediately lost upon use.


  • If used outside a 1 pip Dice Room, Isaac's items can be rerolled without losing his active item.
  • If used in a 4 pip dice room, the active item can be dropped and rerolled.
  • Butter! can remove starter items from challenges.


  • Butter! was made by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl (developer and programer of the original The Binding of Isaac game).


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