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Demon Baby is an unlockable passive item.

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Item Pool Treasure Room.png Treasure Room
Item Pool Devil Room.png Devil Room
Added in AfterbirthItem Pool Devil Beggar.png Devil Beggar
Added in AfterbirthGreed mode onlyItem Pool Devil Room.png Devil Room
Added in Afterbirth (page 1, column 10, line 6)
Removed in Afterbirth (page 2, column 10, line 1)
Demon Baby Defeat The Lamb as Azazel
Demon BabyDemon Baby


  • Spawns a familiar that follows Isaac and automatically fires at enemies in its range 3 times per second, dealing 3 damage per shot.


  •     Baby-Bender
     Grants Isaac's familiars homing shots.
    : Familiar fires homing tears.
  •   BFFS!
     Increases the size and damage of familiars.
    : Familiar is bigger and does double damage.
  •     Box of Friends
      Upon use, duplicates all of Isaac's familiars for the current room.
    : If used without having any familiars, a Demon Baby will be spawned for the remainder of the current room.
  •   Chocolate Milk
     Grants charged tears that deal greater damage when fully charged.
    : Shoots at enemies while charging up a shot, thus giving Isaac an alternative way to kill enemies while charging a shot.
  •     Extension Cord
     Beams of yellow electricity flow between Isaac and his familiars, damaging any enemies between them.
    : Familiar will occasionally be connected to Isaac via electricity.
  • Guppy: Spawns flies as if normal tears are hitting enemies.


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