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Added in Afterbirth

Explosivo is a passive item added in Afterbirth.


  • Isaac's tears have a chance to stick to enemies and explode a few seconds afterwards, dealing 60 damage plus Isaac's tear damage.


  • Tears that stick to enemies do not deal any damage until they explode.
  • If an enemy dies or teleports with an Explosivo tear attached, the tear detaches and drops to the ground. If the detached tears touch an enemy, they will stick to that enemy and explode.
    • However, when an Explosivo tear is attached to Loki or Lokii, the tear teleports with the respective boss when the boss teleports.
  • The explosions can damage Isaac.
  • Be careful with large-sized tears: as Explosivo causes them to grow even larger, they can completely obscure enemies and their surroundings.



  • Cricket's Body Cricket's Body: The explosion results in four Explosivo shots being fired outward, almost always resulting in another landing on the original target if it survives.
  • Godhead Godhead: The tear keeps its damaging aura while attached to the enemy, the aura growing as the tear does until it explodes. The aura can damage only enemies other than the one the tear is stuck to, however.
  • Host Hat Host Hat / Pyromaniac Pyromaniac: The explosion will no longer damage Isaac. The latter item will heal Isaac.
  • Ipecac Ipecac: Sticking shots explode with a huge explosion. Also, stuck shots will explode even if they fall to the floor.
  • Lost Contact Lost Contact: Enemies that have an Explosivo tear stuck to them won't be able to shoot any tears.
  • Mr. Mega Mr. Mega: Increases the damage of Explosivo's explosions to 110.
  • Mysterious Liquid Mysterious Liquid: Leaves a pool of green creep on the floor, similar to Bob's Bladder Bob's Bladder bombs (but slightly larger).
  • Soy Milk Soy Milk: Extreme rate of fire and flat damage from the explosions provide more than make up for the dismal tear damage.
  • Strange Attractor Strange Attractor: When a tear sticks to an enemy, nearby enemies will be quickly pulled in the direction of the tear.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Technology Zero Technology Zero: Stuck tears will still generate arcs of electricity. Multiple tears stuck to a single enemy can cause very rapid damage.

Ingame Footage


  • Possible reference to a scene from "The Incredibles" where the black tar balls grew and grew when they hit Mr. Incredible.
  • Possible reference to the Tenacious D song of the same name.
  • The icon may be a reference to the NES game Top Gun as it looks incredibly similar to the missiles that shoot at you in the game.
  • Explosivo means Explosive in Portuguese and Spanish.


Bug Bug! If an explosive tear sticks to a Null or a Begotten, when they become invisible, the tear will fall to the ground.


 Switch  Greedier mode only TK6A 8LJA (First Golden Treasure Room)

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