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  | id = 51
  | id = 51
  | quote = You feel protected
  | quote = You feel protected
  | description = Gives {{I|Holy Mantle}} effect for current room.
  | description = Grants the [[Holy Mantle]] effect for the current room.
  | unlockedby = Holy Card
  | unlockedby = Holy Card

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Special Cards
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Holy Card
Afterbirth† Indicator.png
Holy Card Icon.png
Item Type
Special Card
Item ID
Pickup Quote
You feel protected
Unlock Method
Holy Card Defeat Delirium as The Lost

The Holy Card is a Special Card.


  • Grants Holy Mantle Holy Mantle effect for one room.
  • Has a 25% chance to display the message "You Are Blessed!" and spawn another Holy Card.


  • Unlike most special cards, it appears as a tarot card on the ground instead of a playing card (though it still appears as a playing card when held as a second card).

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