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Stage The Depths icon.pngStage The Womb icon.pngStage Cathedral icon.png
Added in AfterbirthStage Necropolis icon.pngStage Dank Depths icon.png

Pokies are invulnerable enemies that slide around the room aimlessly in cardinal directions, dealing contact damage. They may move slightly faster towards Isaac if he gets in their sight. When the enemies or Added in Afterbirth silver buttons are cleared from the room, the Poky stops moving and no longer does contact damage.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • A Poky can appear in a Loki boss fight.
  • Added in Afterbirth † Two Pokies appear in a Super Pride miniboss room fight.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Slide[edit | edit source]

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Stage The Caves icon.pngStage The Depths icon.pngStage Necropolis icon.pngStage Cathedral icon.pngStage The Chest icon.png
Added in AfterbirthStage The Cellar icon.pngStage Dank Depths icon.pngStage The Womb icon.pngStage Scarred Womb icon.png
Chance To Replace Pokies

Slides will remain stationary in their positions and have their spikes drawn out, dealing contact damage. Should Isaac get in its sight in cardinal directions, Slides will move towards Isaac's direction then move back to its previous position. They have a short cooldown after charging towards Isaac before being able to move towards him again. They will not stop moving, even after enemies in the room are clear. Added in Afterbirth They can, however, be deactivated from Silver Buttons and retract its spikes as a result, meaning that they'll stop dealing contact damage and also stop moving towards Isaac.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Added in Afterbirth In Greed mode, if a Slide is spawned and all waves are cleared, the Slide will still try to harm Isaac. Leaving and re-entering the room will make the Slide disappear.

Wall Hugger[edit | edit source]

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Stage The Basement icon.pngStage The Cellar icon.pngStage Necropolis icon.pngStage Cathedral icon.png
Added in Afterbirth Stage Burning Basement icon.pngStage The Catacombs icon.pngStage The Womb icon.pngStage Utero icon.pngStage Scarred Womb icon.png
Added in Afterbirth †Stage Flooded Caves icon.pngStage Dank Depths icon.png

Wall Huggers move around walls and obstacles endlessly. A couple of seconds after Isaac enters a room with them, their spikes will be drawn out, dealing contact damage. They will be unable to be shut down, even if enemies are cleared from the room. However, their paths can be stopped should a fireplace or static enemy be in their way. Added in Afterbirth They can be deactivated by Silver Buttons, retracting its spikes, meaning that it'll no longer move and do contact damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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