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Infinte Items Glitch[edit source]

If you get 2 Steam Sales in a single greed run, you will get op if you get too many Items IT CAN LITTERY 1 SHOT ULTRA GREED which can break the run (crashing on pc, error on ps4 ect.)

Crawl Space[edit source]

The Greed Mode page doesn't mention the possibility of a Crawl Space. I found one with Samsom (CTCJ EZFM)(Leo in first Item Room, destroy everything in the shop).Don't know if the possibility has to be mentioned in the page so I post it here.

Secret Room Bug[edit source]

Doing an Eden run, and bought pyro. Blew up a tinted rock and found a secret room. Exiting the secret room caused me to appear in front of the door of the shop as opposed to the secret room door. Not sure if you can use seeds in greed mode, but here's the seed: SYVO Q08G --Kingskybomber14 (talk) 04:05, 12 November 2015 (UTC)

Steam Sale[edit source]

Steam Sale is an amazingly good item during Greed Mode that guarantees a huge amount of items. If one can get it during a run, they should.

Angel room[edit source]

Ive noticed that if you are able to complete all waves,including the nightmarewave, the "devil" room becomes a "angel room"

  • For this, regular rules apply. If you previously accepted an devil deal, an angel room cannot spawn. Unless found otherwise, angel room chances should be calculated using the method on the page. Also, are the key pieces confirmed to do anything? CruxSatana 28th November 2015 04:51 (GMT)

Blood donation exploit[edit source]

Blood donation machine is sooo broken in greed mode. You average at least 3 pennies per heart, so keep buying hearts and using the machine. If it explodes and gives you the IV bag, you basically have an infinite source of income. That combined with Life Savings, Fanny Pack, Humble Bundle, etc makes you money even faster. Buy all the items in the shop, restock, repeat... --impulse985

That is not greed mode, that is the PHD item. --SuperGamerRob

Flying and the Button[edit source]

That page says 'If you are flying the button will not hurt you.' and that's not true, at least with Azazel.

It even hurts with other characters when flying.--MakarTheChosen (talk) 16:37, 3 November 2015 (UTC)

It does not kill you when you are The Lost. Otherwise, it hurts you. Editing the page to reflect this. --SuperGamerRob

Suggested edits for greed mode[edit source]

Restock, as said in the Wiki does not spawn 100% on the first floor, it is not guaranteed. High %? Yes. but not 100%

Also, on the side of Secret rooms in greed mode, I have found them on The left center wall of shop, Upper Left of shop (above curse room door), Right hand wall of shop in the center. I would venture to guess that the spawn rate for the secret room is either very high or 100% and we just do not know all of the locations. One room I have not tried after trying all shop based locations for the room, is the exit room. Also, I have heard of people getting rooms behind the curse room (its Left wall) but have not seen them myself.

Has anyone done full floor search for the secret room? The drop rate is probably not 100% but as I said previous but just pretty high.

Has anyone that has done the full floor search checked the left or bottom wall of the angle/devil room? it is guaranteed room on build so, is it impractical that the secret room could be off of the angle/devil room? -Baitnfatty

Potential Bug[edit source]

I just experienced the strangest bug on a greed run, and I want to point it out here. So apparently I was going through a run with Magdalene and I used "A Card Against Humanity" in the main room, the one with the button. I cleared it out for coins, went back to the shop for a bit, and when I came back I realized that the button was gone. I took a pictures of the room, and a picture of the items I was using to see if there's any other interactions that I might just be unaware of, so hopefully that helps. I have no clue how to properly embed the links or the pictures here, so the URL's are just listed below. Hope that works at least. This was on PC and the date is 11/09/2015.,_Room.png,_Items.png

This is a run ending bug at the moment, as I tried leaving the run and continuing it, but the button was still gone. I even tried exiting out of the game and going back into that run, but that still didn't fix it. The button is just gone. I'm gonna leave that save alone until I can get some resolution and figure out just what happened. So if you want me to do anything specific on this then just email me at and I'll see what I can do.

~Forgoten Null

Just noticed something[edit source]

First, the temperance card now spawns a devil beggar in greed mode. I think blood donation machine cannot be spawned in greed mode anyway, and IV bag cannot be obtained. Second, I think piggy bank is removed from shop item pool, but not for sure.

  • Confirmed that Temperance spawns Devil Beggar. Probably as a less game-breaking alternative to the blood donation machine (though I have seen them post-patch in the shop rooms) and, since balancing this game was Edmund's baby, he deemed it fit - CruxSatana 28 November 04:58 (GMT)

May just be my imagination[edit source]

I don't know if it's just in my head, if it's only for Greed Mode or if it's a permanant modification in Afterbirth but I played with Azazel in greed mode, to unlock Lilith... And it seemed to me that Azazel's Brimstone's damages were lower than usual. Can Anyone confirm or is it just me?

  • Azazel was nerfed along with Judas from the beginning. Cain was buffed (slightly) and Lilith was nerfed the second we began. CruxSatana (talk) 28 November 05:04 (GMT)

Golden Bomb[edit source]

Something happened while I was playing Greed Mode as Judas on a new game file and entered the super secret room via the curse room. I don't remember which floor I was on, except that it was one of the earlier ones, but what happened was that I found a golden bomb in there. I've never seen one in-game before, as I haven't completed the Blue Bomber challenge on either of my save files yet, and that is what's bugging me. Does this need further confirmation by other players before an edit is made in the wiki, and if/when it does, will it be as a bug on the Greed Mode page, or as a paragraph in the Golden Bombs section? -kaeraNeko

It's definitely a bug, assuming you're certain that you have not completed Blue Bomber. It definitely won't be put under Golden Bombs (It seems like it has nothing to do with what spawned, only the circumstances in which it spawned), so it'll likely be put under Super Secret Room or Greed Mode. As for whether or not you should make the edit, that depends on how much you know about the glitch. If someone else comes forward claiming this has happened, then we'll include it for sure. If not, then I don't know. Make the edit if you want, but add a {{Citation needed}} tag. --JokerPixel (talk) 14:57, 29 November 2016 (UTC)

Greedier boss rush gate[edit source]

Something strange happened when i cleared the fight against the last wave (that one that opens the deals room) on greedier mode with apollyon. A boss rush/hush-like gate opened instead in the last level before ulta greed and the greedier, by my stupidity i didnt enter nor screenshot. Here is my seed: NNWK GMCY

Greed/Greedier donation machine[edit source]

Does anyone how if donating to Greed donation machine will carry over to Greedier and vice versa?