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answering the question of the evolution of these enemies in the hive's description, apparently the happy looking gapers are too a part of this. although presumably not the frowning gapers since the eyes are no longer present.

Nest -> flaming hopper?[edit source]

As stated in the title, I killed a nest and it spawned a flaming hopper instead if a big spider or trite. Just was wondering if this was already on the wiki somewhere.

Maybe this is a bug...[edit source]

When i'm enter on a room,with a lot of Mullibooms,1 touched me and was a Champion Version,but it will deal me half a heart damage,instead a full heart damage.I think is like the damage of a Bomb Rock when you stomp it,but i don't know.Well,i put the bug on the Bug Section,i hope that is real that bug. --ShadowRadical-- 16:21, 17 October 2016 (UTC)