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Template:Infobox activated collectible

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This template adds rows to the table "collectibles", which is declared by the template Cargo/collectibles. View table.

Template-info.png Documentation

Info table for dedicated active collectible pages.

Usage[edit source]

This template is used by entering:

{{infobox activated collectible
 | hidden = yes
 | dlc = 
 | name = 
 | override name = 
 | image = 
 | size icon = 
 | size image = 
 | character appearance = 
 | tear appearance = 
 | type = 
 | id = 
 | quote = 
 | description = 
 | animation = 
 | recharge = 
 | pool = 
 | unlocked by = 

Parameters[edit source]

hidden (optional)
Do not display the infobox on the main page.
dlc (optional)
Indicates whether the item originates from an extension.
See {{dlc}} for more information.
The name of the item.
override name (optional)
Changes the displayed name of the item.
image (optional)
The name of the item's image.
The default value is <name>_Icon.png.
Use the following format: [NAME]_Icon.png.
size icon & size image (optional)
Changes the size of the icon or image according to the display mode used:
size icon is for icon, link, and unlock and is initially set to 20x20px.
size image is for image, row, and text and is initially set to 45x45px.
The image on the infobox is scaled with the item's altar and does not use any of these parameters.
A short description of the item.
character appearance (optional)
The character appearance with the item.
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_App.png.
tear appearance (optional)
The tears appearance with the item.
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_Tears.png.
type (optional)
The type of the item.
Currently supported types are : (nothing, for the moment).
The ID number of the item.
The sentence on the screen when picking up the item.
animation (optional)
Use the following format: [PAGENAME]_Anim.gif.
recharge (optional)
The recharge time of the item.
Choose one of the following string to specify the recharge time:
[ROOMS] if the item recharges when a room is completed.
[SECONDS]s if the item recharges over a specified time.
unlimited if the item does not have a recharge bar.
one time if the item disappears after use.
If the item's recharge changed with a dlc, use the following syntax: [BASERECHARGE], [DLC]:[DLCRECHARGE], ....
The dlc's name has to be a for Afterbirth and a+ for Afterbirth+.
pool (optional)
The generation list of the item.
Use the corresponding templates.
unlocked by (optional)
The achievement required to unlock the item.