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  | basehp = Head: 100<br>Horse: 60
  | basehp = Head: 100<br>Horse: 60
  | stagehp = Head: 0<br>Horse: 30
  | stagehp = Head: 0<br>Horse: 30
  | pool = [[The Pony]]
  | pool = {{I|The Pony}}
  | unlock = The Harbingers
  | unlock = The Harbingers

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The Headless Horseman
Boss The Headless Horseman.png
Base HP
Head: 100
Horse: 60
Stage HP
Head: 0
Horse: 30
Found In
Dropped Items
The PonyThe Pony

The Headless Horseman has a chance of replacing any other Horsemen Isaac could meet.


The Headless Horseman consists of two entities: The head and the body. The 2 will keep attacking Isaac independently as soon as combat starts.


  • The head shoots 3 bullets at Isaac.
  • The head charges across the screen 3 times.


  • The body continuously lobs explosive shots at Isaac.
    • Shots leave behind a damaging red creep.
    • This behavior is similar to Pestilence's 2nd stage, except without his fly spawning ability.



  • The Headless Horseman has been a common motif in Europe since the middle ages.
  • The boss art shows the head with both eyes even though the in-game sprite only has one.
  • The boss art shows the horse's head as brown even though its in-game sprite is black.


 PC  0KCW ZG2A (first boss room)

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