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A Vault room is a special room visually similar to The Chest. The door leading to a Vault has two padlocks on it, requiring two keys be spent before gaining entry. Vaults contain various rewards for players, sometimes even lacking any rewards, making entering Vault rooms a gamble for players who have a limited supply of keys.

A Vault room always contains one of the following:

  • Several chests, sometimes behind rocks and/or locks. Possible combinations include 4 golden chests, 4 chests with 1 of each type, 7 red chests surrounded with spikes, etc.
  • An item from the Golden Chest Item Pool.
  • A large amount of pickups.
  • Very few pickups (for an example, a single penny and 2 spiders).
  • Large amount of pennies with a donation machine in the middle of the room.
  • Poop surrounded by flies with no items.
  • A few dead shopkeepers.
  • 3 trinkets.
  • Some pickups.
  • Key Master
  • Nothing.
  • Spiders
  • A Donation Machine surrounded by coins
  • Added in Afterbirth 3 normal buttons


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