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The game is occasionally updated by Nicalis (the developers). This page will attempt to track all of the changes, which are often undocumented. You can find [https://steamdb.info/depot/250908/manifests/ the official manifests] for Afterbirth+ on SteamDB.info.
The game is occasionally updated by Nicalis (the developers). These pages will attempt to track all of the changes, which are often undocumented. You can find [https://steamdb.info/depot/250908/manifests/ the official manifests] for Afterbirth+ on SteamDB.info.
== 2017-02-24 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0211 ==
* 2017-07-18 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.J104]]
* 2017-07-17 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.J103]]
=== Undocumented Changes ===
* 2017-06-30 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.J99]] ([[Booster Packs|Booster Pack #3]])
* 2017-05-21 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.J85]]
* The dedication achievement was changed to only require 31 total Daily Challenges instead of 31 consecutive Daily Challenges. (This change is not retroactive, meaning that any non-consecutive Daily Challenges you have done in the past will not count.)
* 2017-05-12 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.J75]] ([[Booster Packs|Booster Pack #2]])
* If Ipecac is overwritten by another item, it will now synergize in such a way that it adds +4 damage. (+4 damage in this context is as reported from the Found HUD.) This scales with the [[Magic Mushroom]] / [[Cricket's Head]]) multiplier and the [[Eve's Mascara]] multiplier. This does not scale with the [[Sacred Heart]] multiplier or character multipliers (like [[Judas' Shadow]]). For more details on how the damage calculation works, see [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HsZF-jXtb-zAnJH5Py_b38mv1hv0WZp323efY4ZpMW4/edit#gid=596000734 the "Formula Information" sheet of Twinge's spreadsheet].
* 2017-03-24 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.J39]]
** The [[Epic Fetus]] and [[Ipecac]] synergy is unchanged. (It still gives +40 damage.)
* 2017-03-23 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.J34]] ([[Booster Packs|Booster Pack #1]])
* Fixed the bug where Void portal trap doors would not suck you in even if you were standing directly on top of them.
* 2017-02-24 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.0211]]
* Fixed the bug where Void portal trap doors would instantly suck you in if they spawned underneath you.
* 2017-02-06 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.0193]]
* Fixed the bug where Void portal trap doors would not properly be animated.
* 2017-01-21 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0192 (Re-release)]]
* Fixed the unfair Sucker placement on a Monstro 2 room (#1067).
* 2017-01-20 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0192]]
* Fixed the incorrect Larry Jr. placement on the Double Trouble room with Larry Jr. and Sisters Vis (#3772).
* 2017-01-17 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0190]]
* Changed the difficulty of the Caves room with 4 Small Crazy Long Legs and 2 Mushrooms (#914) by removing 2 Small Crazy Long Legs and 2 rows of pits.
* 2017-01-13 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0188]]
* Fixed a softlock in Catacombs room #328 by replacing 2 blocks with poops.
* 2017-01-12 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0187]]
* Replaced 2 blocks with poops in Depths/Necropolis room #226. (This room can still soft-lock you on a minimum range build.)
* 2017-01-10 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0185]]
* The [[Mom]] void teleport has been changed to a void portal. The conditions for it appearing are the same as they were for the teleport (5%, 100+ tear damage or 20+ items).
* 2017-01-07 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0183]]
* Fixed the bug with the Incubus + Cursed Eye synergy.
* 2017-01-06 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0182]]
* Fixed the bug where [[Eden]] could not reset with the R key.
* 2017-01-04 Afterbirth † Patch [[v1.06.0181]]
* Fixed the bug with the [[Jacob's Ladder]] + [[The Ludovico Technique]] + [[Monstro's Lung]] synergy where it would deal  damage to the player.
* 2017-01-03 Afterbirth Release [[v1.06.0180]]
* Fixed the bug where The Compass proc from a [[Liberty Cap]] trinket would permanently stay after saving and quitting and continuing (until it happened to proc again).
* Fixed the bug with the [[Incubus]] + [[Monstro's Lung]] + [[Tech X]] synergy where only one Tech X would shoot from the Incubus instead of many.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Incubus]] + [[Monstro's Lung]] + [[Brimstone]] synergy where only one Brimstone would shoot from the Incubus instead of many.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Incubus]] + [[Tech X]] + [[Mom's Knife]] synergy where the player could spam the tear button to shoot a Tech X ring every single frame.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Spear of Destiny]] + [[Maw of the Void]] synergy where the Spear of Destiny would desync from Isaac after the Maw is activated.
* Fixed the bug with [[Gimpy]] where it would completely stop working if the player had  23 luck or more.
* Fixed the bug with [[Old Bandage]] where it wouldn't drop any hearts if the player has more than 29 luck.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Ipecac]] + [[Toxic Shock]] synergy where Ipecac wouldn't increase the damage of the Toxic Shock. It is governed by the same +4 damage formula listed above.
* Fixed the bug with [[The Ludovico Technique]] + [[Proptosis]] synergy where only the first tick of damage would properly account for the distance that the player was standing from the tear.
* Fixed the bug with [[The Ludovico Technique]] + [[A Lump of Coal]] synergy where only the first the first tick of damage would properly account for the distance that the player was standing from the tear.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Monstro's Lung]] + [[Marked]] synergy where Marked would act as a range down and prevent angled shots.
* Fixed the bug where if the player has Isaac's Heart and uses a Sacrifice Room, they would not get any rewards but still take damage.
* Fixed the bug where dropping the [[Book of Shadows]] for another spacebar item would kill the shield from an [[Algiz]] rune, [[Celtic Cross]], [[The Polaroid]], or [[Empty Vessel]].
* Fixed the bug where taking [[Tech X]] after taking [[Ipecac]] would not properly update your stats.
* Fixed the bug where [[Breath of Life]] did not work with the [[Broken Remote]] trinket.
* Fixed the bug where if a teleport card was used at the same time as exiting the room, the teleport would be canceled.
* Fixed the bug where [[Experimental Treatment]] could kill Blue Baby if he was at one soul heart remaining.
* Fixed the bug where the Boss Rush would spawn the non-boss version of [[Gurglings]].
* Fixed the bug where [[Stone Chest|Stone Chests]] did not have an icon on the minimap. (They now have a unique icon that is square.)
* Fixed the bug where [[Spike Chest|Spike Chests]] did not have an icon on the minimap. (They now have a unique icon that has a dark-red top and spikes.)
* Fixed the bug where [[Eternal Chest|Eternal Chests]] did not have an icon on the minimap. (They now have a unique icon that looks like a white chest.)
* Fixed the bug where [[Sacks (Pickup)|Sacks]] did not have an icon on the minimap. (They now have a unique icon.)
* Fixed the bug where the beam of light that leads to the [[Cathedral]] would fail to spawn if there were lots of explosions or tears on the screen.
* Fixed the bug where having two [[Steam Sale|Steam Sales]] would result in free [[Devil Room]] and [[Black Market]] items.
* Fixed the bug where if the player has [[The Candle]] or [[Red Candle]] held over their head while they attempt to leave a crawlspace, the game would soft-lock.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Dr. Fetus]] + [[Tech X]] synergy where the ring would generate black hearts for no reason.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Incubus]] + [[Brimstone]] + [[Tech X]] synergy where the Incubus would shoot a laser ring instead of a blood ring.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Spear of Destiny]] + [[Kidney Stone]] synergy where the spear would desync from Isaac when the Kidney Stone activated.
* Fixed the bug where the state of [[Guppy's Hair Ball]] would be reset after saving, quitting, and continuing.
* Fixed the bug where using [[Void]] to consume [[Breath of Life]] did not actually grant any invulnerability. Now, it functions as a 1-charge Void and a Breath of Life at the same time.
* Fixed the bug with [[BBF]] in L-shaped rooms where it would phase through the wall.
* Fixed the bug where if you selected [[Daddy Long Legs]] or [[It Lives]] from the [[Bestiary]] and went back to the stats screen, the sprites would still be visible.
* Fixed the bug where if the player had 1 familiar, used [[Box Of Friends]], touched an item pedestal with another familiar, and then entered a new room, the two familiars would erroneously be stacked on top of each other.
* Fixed the bug where you could use [[Glass Cannon]] to steal [[Devil Room]] items by using it to heal you for 1/2 of a soul heart.
* Fixed the bug where it was possible to go into a Void portal during the "jumping into the chest" animation.
* Fixed the bug where killing an angel spawned from a statue outside of an [[Angel Room]] would prevent an angel from an [[Angel Room]] from dropping a key piece.
* Fixed the bug where it was possible to use [[We Need to Go Deeper!]] inside a crawlspace or Black Market (which had the potential to cause softlocks).
* Fixed the bug with the [[Isaac's Tears]] + [[Brimstone]] + [[Chocolate Milk]] synergy where tears could be charged infinitely.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Mom's Box]] + [[Cracked Crown]] synergy where it would not give you double stats.
* Fixed the bug where [[Gurglings]] from [[Delirium]] or [[Delirious]] would show up as normal Gurglings.
* Fixed the bug where loading a mod would not properly overwrite the floor STB files.
* Fixed the bug where the player would be soft-locked with no bombs on the Double Trouble room with 1 [[Rag Man]] and 2 [[Rag Mega]] (#3732).
* Fixed the bug where the items from [[The Book of Sin]] were unseeded.
* Fixed the bug where bombing an angel statue and killing the angel would result in a key piece becoming unobtainable.
* Fixed the bug where the game would crash on most versions of Linux.
* Fixed the bug where in certain situations, getting a [[Machines|Machine]] from a Gift Plate would soft-lock the game. (Machines now spawn in the center of the room.)
* [[Mom's Box]] now works with trinkets consumed by [[Smelter]] or [[Gulp!]].
* Fixed the bug where [[Robo-Baby 2.0]] does not unlock anymore after defeating the [[Computer Savvy]] challenge.
* Fixed the bug where it was possible to clip through blocks and walls with explosions.
=== New Bugs ===
* All tear shooting buttons will automatically be released when walking into a boss room.
* If you have any mods enabled, holding R to reset on [[Eden]] will not consume your Eden tokens.
* The [[Incubus]] + [[Cursed Eye]] synergy is broken such that Incubus will quickly spam fully charged Cursed Eye shots.
* Bombing an angel statue in a [[Devil Room]] will correctly cause the door to close, but there will be a graphical glitch so that it appears open.
* If you have [[Incubus]] + [[Tech X]] + [[Brimstone]], the Brimstone sound effect will incorrectly play when you shoot.
* The Void portal that appears after the [[Mom]] fight is incorrectly textured as a Womb trapdoor.
== 2017-02-06 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0193 ==
===Undocumented Changes===
* Big Horn no longer has damage scaling (armor). If you stun him with a bomb, he still takes 20% more damage.
* Fixed the bug with [[The Ludovico Technique]] and [[Explosivo]] synergy where it wouldn't properly explode on enemies.
* [[Satanic Bible]] now correctly contributes towards the Bookworm transformation.
* Fixed the bug where if you saved and quit with the Duct Tape trinket, orbitals would not return to their proper position.
* Fixed the bug where if you save, quit, and continue in the middle of clearing a Challenge Room, the game would crash and/or the save file would get corrupted.
* Fixed the bug where on the Delirium fight, Gate would always spawn outside of the room.
* [[Metronome]] is now a 2 charge item (up from 1 charge in the previous patch).
* Fixed the bug with two [[Steam Sale|Steam Sales]] and an [[I AM ERROR]] room with purchasable items. (The second [[Steam Sale]] used to have no effect.) This was mentioned by Tyrone as fixed in the previous patch, but it was only actually fixed in this one.
* Fixed the difficulty on some [[Cathedral]] and [[Sheol]] rooms that were previously impossible to be generated by the floor generation algorithm. This was mentioned by Tyrone as fixed in the previous patch, but it was only actually fixed in this one.
* Fixed the bug where [[Metronome]] would not work with health up items.
* Fixed the bug where [[Metronome]] would erroneously give you the [[Pinking Shears]] effect forever.
* Fixed the bug where [[Metronome]] would erroneously keep the horns and speed up/down from [[Taurus]] forever.
* It is no longer possible for [[Metronome]] to invoke [[Glowing Hour Glass]].
* Fixed the bug where [[The Ludovico Technique]] and [[Sinus Infection]] synergy lead to a softlock situations with invincible enemies such as a Constant Stone Shooter.
* Fixed the bug with several [[Library|Libraries]] where they would never be generated by the floor generation algorithm. This was mentioned by Tyrone as fixed in the previous patch, but it was only actually fixed in this one.
* Fixed the bug with [https://i.imgur.com/jjc8210.png the new Afterbirth+ shop room] where it would never be generated by the floor generation algorithm. This was mentioned by Tyrone as fixed in the previous patch, but it was only actually fixed in this one.
* The new Afterbirth+ shop was changed to make it symmetrical.
* Added some graphics for the Nintendo Switch version of the game.
* HP changes:
** [[Rag Man]] 250 → 200
** [[Rag Mega]] 110 → 120
** [[Sisters Vis]] 500 → 350
* [http://i.imgur.com/6YhVClu.png Caves room #6] got completely nerfed.
===New Bugs===
* Taking two [[Steam Sale|Steam Sales]] will allow you to purchase items from a [[Devil Room]] and [[Black Market]] for free.
* Most Linux versions of the game crash on startup.
== 2017-01-21 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0192 (Re-release) ==
===Undocumented Changes===
* The version number and build timestamp no longer appears on the title screen. (A developer-only version of the game got accidentally pushed to everyone in the patch before this.)
* The difficulty widget in the Japanese version got fixed/updated.
== 2017-01-20 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0192 ==
===Documented Changes===
These changes are found on the [http://steamcommunity.com/games/250900/announcements/detail/244718878352578364 Steam Community page].
* Fixed Void, Dataminer, Rune Black incorrect
* Fixed Epiphora resetting between rooms and reset incorrectly
* Fixed Humbling Bundle not applying instantly on first shop visit
* Fixed grid entity randomly destroyed when reentering a room
* Changed the way price and modifiers is applied to items, should fix most of the shop/devil issues
* Fixed special rock spawns displaying first anm2 frame of spawned entity
* Fixed Error room + x2 Steam sale
* Fixed hush door consuming keys
* Refixed Ludo + Booger and Explosivo tears
* Metronome fixes
* All EvaluateItems are refering to NumCollectibleHeld instead of m_Collectibles for consistency.
* Fixed Punching bag being able to die.
* Fixed unfair room in Caves
* Made all Easy Sheol/Cathedral rooms Medium (approved, alot of room were actually medium/hard by design but flagged as Easy)
* Fixed bug in room difficultiy selection making impossible to pick easy rooms in cathedral/sheol and void
* Fixed Book_Worm issue
* Made Library and Shops upgrades based on subtypes
* Fixed Library/Shop missing rooms
===Undocumented Changes===
* [[Euthanasia]] now counts towards the [[Spun|Spun transformation]].
* The red wallspider variant [[Spider#The Thing|The Thing]] now has an attack sound.
* [[The Virus]] now properly updates the speed cache. (Its speed down is no longer delayed.)
* [[Lord of the Pit]] now properly updates the speed cache. (Its speed up is no longer delayed.)
* [[Mom's Contacts]] now properly updates the range cache. (Its range up is no longer delayed.)
* The description bug for [[Monstro's Tooth]] that was introduced in the last patch was fixed.
* There was never an icon for [[Delirious]] in the in-game "My Stuff!" menu; one has now been added.
* The "pause" animation (where the diary is opened) is now 1 frame longer.
* The [[Pay To Win]] trinket now spawns reroll machines in Greed/Greedier Mode item rooms (both the yellow Treasure Room and the grey Treasure Room).
* Before, the [[Epic Fetus]] and [[Bookworm (Transformation)|Bookworm]] synergy would result in some missiles not firing. This has been fixed.
* Several rooms were changed:
** Basement/Cellar #124: An issue where the player could be hit from unavoidable damage by [[Corny Poop]] has been fixed.
** Blue Womb: The stacked Blue Baby entity was removed, so the player will always encounter [[Hush]] now.
** Greed Special: 4 new Treasure Rooms have been added.
*** Two rooms have an item pedestal and a [[Restock Box]].
*** Two rooms have two item pedestals and a [[Restock Box]].
* [[Ultra Greed]]'s charge attack now has a start sound effect.
* [[Meatball]]s' blood spew attack now has a sound effect.
* Fixed "The Marathon" achievement. This was verified by looking at the internal game disassembly. For people who have done Daily Challenges in the past, you will have to do 5 new Daily Challenges in a row from the date of this patch (or later) in order to get the achievement.
* Items discounted by Steam Sale can now be half off on top of that.
* [[Mushroom (Enemy)|Mushroom]] enemies now have sounds when they shoot and pop open.
* The "hitbox" of Void Portals has been changed such that you have to charge directly at it in order for it to suck you up.
* You can no longer kill Ultra Greedier during his opening transformation with a Little Horn shot.
* The bug where you could choose between The Polaroid and The Negative on the Pong challenge is fixed.
* Enemies that spawn from the death of a charmed [[Friendly Ball]] enemy are now considered friendly.
* Certain graphic filters are fixed on the OS X version, including the "B00B T00B" easter egg.
* The bug where Judas was unable to obtain the [[Bookworm (Transformation)|Bookworm]] transformation is fixed.
* The bug where [[Smelter]] and the [[Gulp!]] pill effect erroneously gave you permanent 1-time trinkets ([[Missing Poster]], [[Monkey Paw]], [[Store Credit]], [[Bag Lunch]], [[Wish Bone]], and [[Walnut]]) has been fixed.
* The bug where devil items would not convert from red to soul hearts and vice versa when then player has holding a [[Steam Sale]] has been fixed.
* The bug where Keeper would die automatically after resuming a game in which he had [[Greed's Gullet]] has been fixed.
* The bug where the player would take damage from the [[Jacob's Ladder]] and [[Multidimensional Baby]] synergy has been fixed. (This also applied to the [[Jacob's Ladder]] + [[Cricket's Body]] synergy and the [[Jacob's Ladder]] + [[The Ludovico Technique]] synergy.)
* The bug with [[The Ludovico Technique]] and the [[Eye Of Belial]] synergy has been fixed.
* The bug where Fire Mind fires resulting from shots by an Incubus familiar can damage you has been fixed.
* The bug where [[Holy Mantle]], [[Scapular]], [[Whore of Babylon]], [[Crown Of Light]], and [[Purity]] do not work on the first room of a floor has been fixed.
* The bug where [[Fire Mind]] fires resulting from shots that go through [[Multidimensional Baby]] can damage you has been fixed.
* The bug where Void could give range downs (on the HUD) is fixed.
* The bug where using the Maw of the Void ring could hurt and kill charmed enemies that you're not supposed to be able to hit (such as the leeches spawned by "My Shadow", or Delirious bosses) has been fixed.
* Before, if you had Humbling Bundle, items would not be doubled the first time you entered a shop. This has been fixed.
* Before, when you had the Equality trinket, all shop items that have double versions would automatically be bought for you. This has been fixed.
* The bug where you permanently got the [[Lazarus' Rags]] item from getting [[Lazarus]] from the [[Clicker]] is fixed.
* The bug where a combo of [[Dr. Fetus]], [[Ipecac]] and [[Monstro's Lung]] will cause you to take immediate damage is fixed.
* The bug where using [[Void]] on [[Breath Of Life]] will cause you to take damage until you die is fixed.
* The bug where [[Proptosis]], [[Ipecac]], and the [[Eve's Mascara]] synergy causes tears to no longer damage or poison enemies has been fixed.
* The bug where Bumbo no longer deals contact damage has been fixed.
* The bug where Void won't let you fire any tears after absorbing certain items is fixed.
* The bug with the [[Marked]], [[Ipecac]] and [[Brimstone]] synergy is fixed.
* The bug where [[Tonsil]] would not appear on the [[Collection Page]] is fixed.
* The bug where [[Dataminer]] caused range downs on the Found HUD has been fixed.
* The bug where a Mushroom would appear as a [[Host]] for a few frames after spawning from a skull is fixed.
* The bug where rocks and other entities would randomly break upon entering a room with an item pedestal is fixed. (This fixes the unavoidable damage in the Treasure Room with TNT barrels.)
* The bug where Hush's door would take a key (and open anyway even if you had 0 keys) is fixed.
* Several bugs with [[Metronome]] were fixed:
** [[Little Chubby]] will no longer stay with you forever.
** [[Distant Admiration]] will no longer stay with you forever.
* The bug where the game would crash if too many flies were spawned is fixed.
* The softlock with [[Delirious]] and [[Stoney|Stoneys]] on Greed Mode has been fixed.
* Enemy discoveries and enemy kills no longer count towards the Bestiary if mods are enabled.
* Hush Flies are now correctly added to the Bestiary when killed in the Blue Womb.
* [[Greed Mode|Greedier Mode]] waves now last the same as the [[Greed Mode]] ones.
===New Bugs===
* The version number and build timestamp appear on the title screen. (A developer-only version of the game got accidentally pushed to everyone.)
* The [[Epic Fetus]] and [[Monstro's Lung]] synergy is broken; only a single missile fires.
* On Eve, when [[Whore of Babylon]] is activated via the [[Razor]], she will turn red instead of having the standard whore costume. This new look only lasts for the current room, so it might be a new bug.
* Robo-Baby 2.0 does not unlock anymore after defeating the “Computer Savvy” challenge. Nothing at all happens when you complete the challenge for the first time. (It could also be happening to other challenges as well, but this is unconfirmed.)
* For some people, save files are bugged and do not show up.
* For some people, the OSX version crashes on startup.
==2017-01-17 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0190==
===Undocumented Changes===
* The bug where the rewards for [[Onan's Streak|Challenge #29]] and [[The Guardian|Challenge #30]] were incorrectly swapped was fixed.
* Accidentally added a bug to the description of [[Monstro's Tooth]] (it will no longer appear in-game).
* [[The Small Rock]] now updates the "speed" and "firedelay" caches, meaning it no longer is a delayed tears up and a delayed speed down.
* Adderline was renamed to Adrenaline.
* Adderline now counts towards the [[Spun|Spun transformation]].
* [[The Bible]] and [[The Necronomicon]] now count towards the [[Bookworm_(Transformation)|Bookworm transformation]].
* All of the bugged <code>DecreaseBy</code> values for the Afterbirth+ items have been fixed, meaning that Afterbirth+ items will no longer roll into themselves in pools where they are supposed to be removed on sight.
* Fixed the graphics for the Ed Baby and the D Baby (2 of the co-op babies).
* There is a new "rumble" option in the options menu. However, it only appears on the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which is currently unreleased.
* The entity stacking feature is fixed. This results in many changes throughout the game, like getting [[Restock Box|Restock Boxes]] in shops.
* The [[Vurp!]] pill won't spawn itself anymore.
* [[Krampus]]' new Brimstone attack was smoothed out.
* [[Stoney|Stoneys]] now have a better panting behavior.
* Fixed the bug where Magdalene would show as having a pill on the character select screen before beating the Aprils Fool Challenge.
* Fixed the bug where Samson would show as having Child's Heart on the character select screen before beating the Ultra Hard Challenge.
* Fixed the bug where Lazarus would show as having Anemic on the character select screen before beating the Backasswards Challenge.
==2017-01-13 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0188==
===Documented Changes===
These changes are only documented via [https://twitter.com/tyronerodriguez/status/819788050960027650 Tyrone's personal twitter].
* Fixed crash on custom challenge menu
* Fixed crash when stepping on certain pressure plates
* Fixed issue where trophy sometimes wouldn't work at end of Daily Challenge
* Fixed issues causing certain enemy types to not be added to Bestiary
===Undocumented Changes===
* [[Stoney|Stoneys]] now get tired after chasing you for a while.
* Made Krampus' second attack 8 frames longer.
==2017-01-12 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0187==
===Undocumented Changes===
* The 4 boss rooms with [[Sisters Vis]] have been adjusted so that the boss spawns in the center to avoid unavoidable damage upon entering.
* Fixed [http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/169282316723061582/18F6C4A1615DD9AE3C02F6A7C3DBDD08CCD5ADEC/ a softlock] in Double Trouble room 3732 (with 2 Rag Megas and 1 Rag Man).
* Most of the remaining bugged Afterbirth+ achievements have been fixed to function correctly. (The only ones still bugged are the 2 Daily Challenge related ones.)
* Using a custom <code>itempools.xml</code> file works now.
* Added some Lua bindings:
** <code>MC_POST_CURSE_EVAL</code> in Curses enum
** <code>TearVariant</code> enum
==2017-01-10 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0185==
===Undocumented Changes===
Credit for parsing the executable binary changes goes to [https://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/5n425j/aftebirth_20170109_update_b185_unofficial_patch/ eur0pa].
* [[Delirium]] AI has changed
* Fixed a bug with hallucinations (when the screen turns grey during [[The Void]] floor
* Fixed a bug on <code>Level::Init()</code>
* [[Portal]] behavior has changed; it will now spawn between 1 and 5 enemies and disappear
* Fixed a bug with [[Void]] and [[Smelter]] where it would "forget" the things you captured after returning from a save and quit
* Improved mod auto-updates
* Changes in the renderer
* Changes in <code>Entity::Init()</code>
* Lots of changes to the <code>Entity_Tear</code> class (probably something to do with Lua bindings)
* The "filter" option is fixed (it was broken since the release of Afterbirth+)
* The graphic for [[Mimics]] was updated to have blood on the corner
* The graphic for [[Spike Chests]] was updated to match the color of [[Mimics]] and have blood on the corners
* Added The Marathon achievement (bugged)
* Utero:
** Changed room 741 (8 Blastocysts and 1 Portal) to only have 4 Blastocyst Small instead of 8 Blastocysts.
** Changed room 780 (8 Blastocysts and 1 Portal) to only have 4 Blastocyst Small instead of 8 Blastocysts. (This appears to be a duplicate of room 741 for some reason.)
* Special rooms (Greed Mode):
** They forgot to include this floor with Afterbirth+, so the entire file is new, but they didn't add any Afterbirth+ content.
** Removed 2 rocks from room 3004. (Presumably, this was interfering with enemy spawns.)
** Removed 2 rocks from room 4002. (Presumably, this was interfering with enemy spawns.)
* Depths (Greed Mode):
** Made it so that the spiders no longer spawn in the corners of room 153 (8 Spiders and 6 Death's Heads).
* Womb (Greed Mode):
** Made room 54 (3 Masks & Hearts) symmetrical and removed a duplicate entity.
* The Shop (Greed Mode):
** They forgot to include this floor with Afterbirth+, so the entire file is new, but they didn't add any Afterbirth+ content.
** Room 240 (4 Masks & Hearts and a Mask of Infamy) was adjusted so that the Hearts do not spawn in the corners of the room.
====Lua bindings====
* Docs got updated
* <code>LuaEngine::check_compatibility()</code> got updated to account for version -1 and 1 (?)
* <code>LuaEngine::register_classes()</code>
* Lots of changes to the <code>Entity_Tear</code> class
==2017-01-07 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0183==
===Documented Changes===
* Reverted the steam cloud saving change from yesterday due to reports of the game being unable to find its save data if cloud saving was turned off
* Fixed a crash releated to having multiple trinkets
* Fixed a bug where the unlock checks for Ending 19 and Final were reversed in the cutscene menu
* Gameplay adjustments
* Some changes were made to Lua sandboxing due to security concerns. Here's how they affect you:
** If you used <code>require("mobdebug").start()</code> in your mods, that should be replaced with <code>StartDebug()</code> to prevent your script from hitting an error, since that only works with <code>--luadebug</code> enabled. This means you'll have to update any lua mods you've released with that line left in. We're very sorry for the inconvenience!
** For now we strongly recommend running workshop mods only with <code>--luadebug</code> disabled. This recommendation may be retracted in a later update.
** See the debugging page in the tools/luadoc documentation for a tutorial on setting up the debugger.
* Changed the way unpacked resources are loaded, due to issues players were frequently seeing where unpacked resources were becoming outdated, players with incompatible legacy mod files or mods applied by the legacy method. Now the game prefers to load files from the pack file first, and if that fails, loads from loose files.
* Fixed const-ness of player entity passed to certain callbacks
* Fixed an issue where a function for getting the screen position of an entity didn't account for the camera offset or screen shake
===Undocumented Changes===
* Spectral Tears now go through [[Stoney|Stoneys]].
* The Double Trouble room with a [[Mega Fatty]] and a [[Sisters Vis]] was changed; [[Mega Fatty]] was replaced with a [[Larry Jr.]]
* The Double Trouble room with 2 [[Fred|Freds]] and 2 [[Gurdy|Gurdys]] was changed to only have 1 [[Fred]].
==2017-01-06 Afterbirth+ Patch v1.06.0182==
===Documented Changes===
* Fixed a Windows crash caused by an exe modification step in the build process
* Fixed a crash related to loading a game save after smelting trinkets
* Fixed a crash on startup related to save data
* Fixed a crash involving an item that would try to spawn doors in Greed/Greedier mode
* Fixed a bug where the player could be hurt by certain fires spawned by their own items
* Fixed a bug where the boss clear music could play too soon
* Adjusted steam cloud save detection
* Various adjustments for balance and fairness
====Mod tools====
* Fixed a display issue and some default path issues with room editor
* Fixed a Mac issue with missing libraries that made the Mac ModUploader impossible to launch without a specific dev environment installed
====Modding API====
* Generated comments for HTML documentation
* Added descriptions of mod callback conditions, arguments and return values, in <code>enums.lua</code> and in HTML documentation
* Changed signature of <code>MC_EVALUATE_CACHE</code> callback to pass the player entity
* Removed some duplicated casts: <code>Isaac.ToPickup</code> and <code>Isaac.ToEffect</code>. Instead use <code>entity:ToPickup</code> and <code>entity:ToEffect</code>
* Added some missing entity casts: <code>ToBomb</code>, <code>ToLaser</code>, <code>ToKnife</code>
* Added some methods to player to get joystick inputs
* Made player stats modifiable by mods
* Removed getters for readonly player stats, since they were made redundant
* Added functions such as <code>Isaac.WorldToScreenPosition</code> to convert game coordinates to rendering coordinates.
===Undocumented Changes===
* [[Chests#Spiked Chests|Mimic Chests]] have [http://i.imgur.com/n4nRhwg.png a different color] (redish-brown).
** They also now have a custom animation. (This does not get correctly unpacked by the unpacker and shows up as <code>8d6fafc0341b7397</code> in the root of the game directory.)
* [[Drowned Hive]] was given a new "portrait" attribute (might be related to the [[Bestiary]]).
* HP changes:
** [[Portal]] 10 → 9.
** [[Sisters Vis]] 800 → 500.
** [[Big Horn]] 600 → 480.
** Small Hole 10 → 10,000.
** Big Hole 10 → 10,000.
* The following bosses got updated animations:
** [[Sisters Vis]]
** [[Big Horn]]
** [[Delirium]]
* The following rooms were changed:
** Special rooms:
*** Added a random heart, a random bomb, a random coin, a random pill, and a random key to the Treasure Room without a pedestal item.
** Basement/Cellar:
*** Lots of room changes, too many to list individually
** Womb:
*** Deleted room 741 (a room with 8 Blastocysts)
* If you Void a 1-use item such as Pandora's Box, it will still trigger the item, but it will no longer permanently store that item.
* The black champion Brownie now spawns [[Maggot#Charger|Chargers]] instead of [[Maggot#Drowned Charger|Drowned Chargers]].
==2017-01-04 Afterbirth+ v1.06.0181==
===Undocumented Changes===
* [[Big Horn]] portrait changed.
* [[Bat Wing]] fixed to give an appearance when it activates.
==2017-01-03 Afterbirth+ Release v1.06.0180==
* This was the first release of the Afterbirth+ DLC expansion.
===Undocumented Changes===
* After 5 uses, [[Glowing Hourglass]] will turn into [[The Hourglass]].
* [[Spike Chest|Spike Chests]] will now correctly damage you on [[The Chest]] and the [[Dark Room]].
* Added the following items to the Golden Chest pool:
** [[Sack of Pennies]]
** [[Little Baggy]]
** [[Mystery Sack]]
** [[Rune Bag]]
** [[Bomb Bag]]
** [[Blood Bag]]
** [[IV Bag]]
* Charge items now correctly work with transformations.
* 2016-01-21 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0109]]
==2016-01-21 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0109==
* 2015-12-06 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0076]]
* 2015-11-19 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0067]]
====Undocumented Changes====
* 2015-11-14 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0060]]
* Added Friends Till The End! [[pill]].
* 2015-11-13 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0059]]
* Added Japanese and Korean language options.
* 2015-11-06 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0052]]
* Slightly changed the color of the [[Collection Page]] background.
* 2015-11-04 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06.0051]]
* Fixed the bug where [[Technology]], [[Technology 2]], and [[Tech.5]] were spectral.
* 2015-10-31 Afterbirth Patch [[v1.06 Hotfix]]
* Fixed the bug where it was possible to respawn [[Krampus]] by quitting and continuing during his death animation to generate multiple items.
* 2015-10-30 Afterbirth Release [[v1.06]]
(You can find technical details of <code>afterbirth.a</code> file changes [[User:Zamie/Patch v1.06.0109|here]].)
==2015-12-06 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0076==
====Undocumented Changes====
* [[Stop Watch]] is no longer a special item.
* Blocking damage with [[Holy Mantle]] now activates [[Stop Watch]].
* [[Scissors]] charge time 6 → 2.
* [[Friendly Ball]] charge time 4 → 3.
* Fixed the bug where players who completed the 1001% achievement before the release of v1.06.0067 were unable to get the achievement.
* Fixed [[The Battery]] bug where it was impossible to get a full overcharge on an activated item from clearing rooms.
* [[Abel]] now fires tears directly towards Isaac.
* Modified room #717 on the Basement/Cellar so that [[Mulligan|Mulligans]] no longer spawn next to the entrances. (Mulligans have a chance to randomly explode upon room loading. If this occurred before the patch, it was guaranteed damage to the player.)
* Removed the top entrances from [[Devil Room]] #11 and #14. (These are the rooms with [[Gaper#Null|Nulls]] and an [[Imp]], which also happen to spawn at the top of the room, which causes near-guaranteed damage to the player.)
* Added graphics for a [[Wikipedia:Satoru Iwata|Satoru Iwata]] themed daily run.
* Reworked [[Sacrifice Room|Sacrifice Rooms]].
* Fixed the bug where it was possible to respawn an Angel Room statue by reloading the room with [[Goat Head]] (or quitting and continuing).
* Fixed the bug where it was possible to quit and continue from a Boss Rush in order to quickly complete it.
* [[Butter Bean]] and [[The Poop]] now deflect bullets.
* [[Taurus]] now works in [[Greed Mode]] as expected.
* [[Shoop Da Whoop!]] now does 4x the base damage.
* Picking up [[Match Stick]] will now remove the [[tick]].
* [[Lost Fly]], [[Papa Fly]], [[Friend Zone]] and [[Obsessed Fan]] now all counts towards [[Lord of the Flies]] transformation.
* [[Cain's Other Eye]] now scales with Isaac's damage.
* Picking up [[God's Flesh]] will now properly update Isaac's tear color.
* Curse of the Tower no longer activates if you are damaged by a troll bomb spawned by Curse of the Tower.
* The window for using [[Glass Cannon]] to steal Devil Room items is much smaller.
* [[Crack the Sky]]'s damage has been buffed and now targets enemies specifically.
* [[Marked]] can now be controlled with the mouse.
(You can find technical details of afterbirth.a file changes [[User:Zamie/Patch v1.06.0076|here]].)
===New Bugs===
* [[Technology]], [[Technology 2]], and [[Tech.5]] function as if the player has spectral tears. (Visually, the items will appear to be functioning normally, but this isn't the case.)
* The [[Dr. Fetus]] and [[Tech X]] synergy causes enemies to drop black hearts as if they were killed by a [[Maw of the Void]].
* If you pick up [[Tech X]] after picking up [[Ipecac]], you still erroneously retain the +40 damage boost from Ipecac and the increased tear delay. After the damage stat is refreshed (by picking up another damage item), this bug goes away.
* With a controller attached, it is possible to move Isaac when the game is out of focus and get him across loading zones and spikes without taking any damage. See [https://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/3why73/bombfree_method_of_getting_into_black_market/ this Reddit thread].
==2015-11-19 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0067==
====Undocumented Changes====
* Changed [[Stop Watch]] to only activate upon taking damage.
* Added [[Censer]] to the [[Angel Room (Afterbirth Item Pool)|Angel Room Item Pool]].
* Fixed [[Kamikaze!]] not damaging Isaac.
* [[Greed Machine]] jams less frequently.
* [[Missing Poster]] now revives Isaac as [[The Lost]]. Doing this now permanently unlocks The Lost.
* Fixed [[Keeper]]'s visuals being overridden.
* [[Mega Blast]] only gains 3 charges when picking up a [[Little Battery]].
==2015-11-14 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0060==
====Undocumented Changes====
* Added [[Keeper]].
* Added the [[Deep Pockets]] item.
* Added [[Karma]] and the [[Rib Of Greed]] trinkets.
* Added [[Babies|Super Greed Baby, Noose Baby, and Sale Baby]].
==2015-11-13 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0059==
====Undocumented Changes====
* HP changes:
** [[Ultra Greed]]'s blank coin 50 from 100.
** Ultra Greed's key coin 100 → 60.
** Ultra Greed's bomb coin 100 → 50.
** Ultra Greed's heart coin 100 → 40.
* Added 5 new [[Greed Machine]] unlocks.
* Added [[Mega Blast]] item.
* Added [[Store Key]] trinket.
* Increased [[Azazel]]'s damage and decreased charge time.
* Added pop-up text whenever Isaac activates a new [[Transformations|transformation]].
* [[Head Of Krampus]] lasers now have a chance to rotate.
* Fixed [[Lazarus]] and [[Lilith]]'s visuals being overridden.
* Isaac's speed increased in [[The Guardian]] and [[SPEED!]] challenges.
* Decreased intensity of the [[Retro Vision]] pill effect.
* [[Glowing Hour Glass]] now resets the game's timer when used.
==2015-11-06 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0052==
====Undocumented Changes====
*HP changes:
** [[Ultra Greed]]'s blank coin 35 → 100.
** Ultra Greed's key coin 50 → 100.
** Ultra Greed's bomb coin 20 → 100.
** Ultra Greed's heart coin 20 → 100.
** [[Gaper#Blue Gaper|Blue Gaper]] 9 → 30.
* The room before the [[Ultra Greed]] fight now contains several mini-bosses instead of only Monstro.
* The [[Death's Touch]] animation was updated to be smoother (with more frames of animation than before).
* The [[Multidimensional Baby]] tear effect was updated to be more easy on the eyes.
* Added a counter when donating to the [[Greed Machine]] that shows the chance for the machine to jam.
==2015-11-04 Afterbirth Patch v1.06.0051==
====Undocumented Changes====
* Added 20 missing Afterbirth items and 11 missing trinkets.
* [[Box Of Friends]] charge 2 → 4.
* [[D7]] charge 1 → 3
* The [[Glass Cannon]] now affects soul hearts.
* Decreased [[Azazel]]'s damage and charge rate
* Fixed the Blue Womb [[Achievements|achievement]] not unlocking.
* Defeating [[Hush]] now correctly plays ending 17.
* Item re-roll machines now blow up if bombed repeatedly.
* Removed [[blood donation machine]]s from Greed Mode.
* Using a [[Temperance]] card in Greed Mode will now always spawn a [[Beggar#Devil Beggar|Devil Beggar]].
==2015-10-31 Afterbirth Patch v1.06 Hotfix==
====Undocumented Changes====
* Fixed the post-it note import bug.
==2015-10-30 Afterbirth Release v1.06==
* This was the release date of the Afterbirth DLC expansion.
* Fixed the bug that prevents an item pedestal from disappearing if the player teleports away before the "poof" animation is completed. (It is no longer possible to steal multiple items from the Boss Rush and so forth.)
===New Bugs===
* When importing a save from Rebirth to Afterbirth, some post-it note completion marks would not properly transfer over.
* 2015-02-11 Patch [[v1.05 Hotfix]]
* 2015-02-06 Patch [[v1.05]]
* 2014-12-29 Patch [[v1.041]]
* 2014-12-24 Patch [[v1.04]]
* 2014-12-11 Patch [[v1.032]]
* 2014-12-10 Patch [[v1.031]]
* 2014-11-11 Patch [[v1.02]]
* 2014-11-07 Patch [[v1.01]]
* 2014-10-31 Rebirth Release [[v1.0]]
* 2014-10-29 Pre-Release [[v0.9]]
==2015-02-11 Patch v1.05 Hotfix==
====Undocumented Changes====
* Curse of the Maze's visual effect is removed and replaced with a sound effect.
* Fixed the bug with [[Ipecac]] not destroying objects.
* Fixed the bug with the [[Ipecac]] and [[Pyromaniac]] synergy.
==2015-02-06 Patch v1.05==
====Undocumented Changes====
* The version number no longer displayed in the main menu.
* There is a new screen shaking visual effect when Curse of the Maze is active.
* Curse of the Maze now shuffles room layouts more randomly.
* When the player has [[Proptosis]] and [[Anti-Gravity]], tears will not begin shrinking until they actually start moving.
* Modified the enemy creep animation.
* Modified the teleport animation.
* Removed the Lemon Party pill's white flash.
* Pin and Scolex's health bars now accurately depletes.
* Libraries now correctly play their own music track.
* Fixed the bug where the player could play as Eden even without having any Eden tokens available.
* Added awakening animation to [[Homunculus]] and [[Homunculus#Begotten|Begotten]].
* Shortened the window to steal a [[Boss Rush]] item with a teleport and have the other items remain.
* Improved the damage on the beams from [[Crack The Sky]].
* [[I AM ERROR]] rooms on the [[Chest]] and [[Dark Room]] now generate brand new floors.
===New Bugs===
* Ipecac shots no longer affect Donation Machines, Slot Machines, Beggars, etc.
* Pyromaniac no longer provides invincibility from Ipecac shots.
==2014-12-29 Patch v1.041==
* Fix auto release of fire button after room transition
* Fix secret room placement
* Fix heart pickup distribution for local co-op
==2014-12-24 Patch v1.04==
* Fix bombing secret/special room walls
* Fix screensaver coming up during play on Linux
* Fix not being able to delete save slots on Steam Cloud
* Fix Judas achievements not unlocking with Black Judas
* Fix getting stuck during teleport
* Fix crash when jumping to new level
* Fix eternal flies for blue baby fight
* Fix Dad's Key for double locked doors
* Fix hang on We Need To Go Deeper
* Fix invisible laser damage
* Fix familiars being overwritten by blue spiders/flies
* New seeds for christmas
* Fix Womb room with 4 Gaping Maws in the center
* Fix Jar + Double Heart issues
* Fix Guppy's Collar hiding co-op babies
* Fix Full Health/Rainbow Poop for local co-op
====Undocumented Changes====
* Mystery Sack now drops a random consumable every few rooms.
* Book of Belial now has a use image.
* The Womb Room with four Gaping Maws has been changed so that two of the Maws are "broken", trying to suck Isaac in for 4 seconds, and then stop for 4 seconds.
* [[Samson's Chains]] is made easier to use.
==2014-12-11 Patch v1.032==
* Fix teleport AI for Lump, Parabite, Loki, Blue Baby, and others
* Prevent Steam achievements for modded games
* Fix seeded run exploit
* Fix some impossible rooms in Cellar, Womb/Utero, and Chest
* Fix Secret room placement on some floors
* Fix Boss room placement on XL floors
==2014-12-10 Patch v1.031==
*Improve Steam Cloud sync
*Fix random disconnect for Sony controllers
*Fix crash on trinket pool reset
*Fix Gemini + BFFS
*Fix Technology 2 + Chocolate Milk
*Eden's start items are seeded more reliably
*Fix collectible spawn position for There's Options and Negative
*Fix Holy Mantle continue exploit
*Fix seed exploit for challenge runs
*Fix hard mode affecting room drops other than hearts
*Fix P2 blood donation exploit
*Fix P2 anti-gravity
*Fix P2 being able to use bombs
*Fix Devil Deal exploit with half soul heart
*Fix invincible Carrion Queen
*Fix Blue Baby restart issue
*Fix Haunt not invincible for the first few frames
*Fix 60fps interpolation for Cube of Meat 2
*Fix picked up item disappearing when exiting during pickup animation
*Limit Halo of Flies count to 10
*Change Lil' Brimstone deal to 2 hearts
*Change Ticking Spider collision damage to half a heart
*Change Head of Krampus to 6 charges
*Improve Dark Bum mechanics
==2014-11-11 Patch v1.02==
* White textures
** Players using OpenGL 2.x due to older graphics hardware had an issue where many textures in the game were white. This should be fixed in 90% of the cases now. If you were using the "ogl2" beta, make sure to opt out of the beta so you can upgrade to 1.02. Many thanks to the people who helped us test this over the weekend.
* Window disappearing on startup
** This happened to players on Windows. The game window would show up for a short amount of time and then disappear, while the music was still playing.
** This issue should be fixed now. In case some of you still experience this, there is a trick to make the window re-appear: Press Windows + Left, or Windows + Right (the little key with the Windows logo, and one of the arrow keys).
* Crash on startup
** This was caused by a broken options.ini, and could be resolved by deleting the file. The game can detect and repair broken ini files now, so this should be fixed, too.
* Startup crash on Linux with shader errors in the log
** I'm not entirely sure whether this is fixed or not. The shader errors are sorted out now, and I hope this was the cause of the crash. Make sure to write to [email protected] if you are on Linux and your game is still crashing on startup.
* Missing achievements
** The following achievements were not unlocking properly.
*** Godhead
*** Platinum God
*** Real Platinum God
*** Dead boy
* Fixed a problem with the music pitch during the Epilogue cutscene, and some gameplay related issues.
* Fixed crash when sound is not working
* Fixed save/continue during Boss Rush
* Fixed The Lost + Dead Cat exploits
* Fixed infinite item respawn exploits
* Fixed P2 Trinity Shield exploit
* Fixed D10 generating invincible enemies
====Undocumented Changes====
* The soundtrack DLC works now.
== 2014-11-07 Patch v1.01 ==
* Add parameter in Options.ini where you can turn off Steam Cloud
* Add ALT + F2 shortcut on Stats page to import Steam achievements
* Add missing files for Soundtrack DLC
* Add some lost items to the item pools
* Fix crash on using FBO in OpenGL 2 contexts
* Fix some issues with Steam Cloud Sync
* Fix Haunt staying invulnerable sometimes
* Fix other gameplay related bugs
* Fix OS X black screen issue
* Fix player position when returning from Black Market
* Fix crash when fighting one of the final bosses
* Fix Xbox 360 controller issues on Linux
====Undocumented Changes====
* Increased the default range of Azazel's Brimstone.<ref>http://i.imgur.com/CjASJjg.png</ref>
* Improved the effect of Range Up items on Azazel's Brimstone.<ref>https://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/2lfbpr/the_binding_of_isaac_rebirth_known_pc_issues/clullmn</ref>
* Decreased Dark Bum's heart conversion rate to approximately a 1.5:1 ratio.<ref>http://www.reddit.com/r/bindingofisaac/comments/2lnjio/the_binding_of_isaac_rebirth_version_101_release/clwhhc3</ref>
==2014-10-31 Rebirth Release v1.0==
* Some log output removed
* Bugfixes
* Will erase any old stats and saved game
==2014-10-29 Pre-Release v0.9==
* First release without debugging features
* Will erase any old stats and saved games
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